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Property Maintenance Software & Management

Eworks Manager is the perfect solution for property maintenance companies and letting agents. Eworks will take a maintenance orders from your in-house system which would create a quote/job in E Works Manager. Your maintenance team can then uses our app to accept and complete the job and upload.

Re-active Maintenance

Our app allows your team to see jobs on the move. Our Geo planner lets your customer log jobs and your team see the latest jobs logged and mapped within the closest distance.

Planned maintenance

The job planner helps staff schedule new jobs on desktop, mobile or tablet. Our job sheets feature enables your team to quickly create digital job sheets for each in advance for each planned job and edit job sheets on the move.

Property Maintenance

Our software is built specifically for Property maintenance companies. It enables you and your customers to log jobs, plan jobs, send job SMS notifications, job invoices, quote jobs, monitor employees in real time and much more.

Landlord Management

Our job sheet feature allows your team to easily take before and after photos of all job with our app for landlord approval and evidence of work. Customers can create support tickets and notifications can be sent to landlords before and after jobs are completed.


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Property Maintenance Software - Features

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Job Management Software - App Features

  • Mobile Invoicing

    Creating invoices on the go allows you to send your invoice immediately after finishing a job. See More

  • Mobile Quote

    You can build up a detailed quote from our mobile APP, simply select/add your customer and select a range of pre populated services. See More

  • Job Sheet

    Getting signatures from customers or operatives is built into our system. Your job sheet is automatically created based on the job information. See More

  • Photos

    Take photos of before and after jobs and attach to the job sheet to report to your customer. See More

Job Management Software - E Works Manager Job Management Software - E Works Manager
  • Offline mobile solutions

    Supports full offline mode, so wherever you are working you can complete your jobs without any data connection.
    See More

  • Mobile Expense Tracking

    Enables you to track all your expenses as and when they occur. Each cost can be assigned to a specific jobs on the go.
    See More

  • Monitor Employee Location

    The APP will take your employees current location and then give them directions their next job. See More

  • Mobile Documentation

    complete your paper documents from your mobile or tablet device. Any documents can be made digital into our system, with no setup charges. See More

Integrations For Our Property Management Software

How can E Works Manager help with Property Maintenance & Management

Job Management Software - E Works Manager

When managing a property there is a lot you need to look after and organise, e works manager can help you keep on top of all your jobs and make sure that you never lose track on what needs to be done.

WE works has a custom recurring job feature which allows you to create jobs that will repeat each day, week, month or year. It will send out a notification to let you know that deadlines are coming up; in this case it could be for rent, or a date of which you will need to go check on the property itself. Each user on the system will have their own planner and they can manage it and fill it themselves. Having personal planners give’s your staff the tools to manage their dates and lets them physically see how much time they have you will also be able to view, edit and add jobs to their planners and it will let that user know as soon as you have.