Job scheduling software

Do you currently have problems arranging your staff’s job schedule, who should be where and when?

Do you find it hard keeping track of certain people or contractors, jobs that run over time, invoicing for the correct amount of work done?

Its not too bad if you are a small company with 1 or 2 employees who you can always a keep track of, but sometimes even that can be a full time job itself.

People Tracker

If a member of staff has 7 jobs in 1 day. You need to make sure they are there on time, make sure the correct work is done in the right time frame, the job is signed off and then invoiced correctly. Then you have the extra headache of chasing the invoice payment later on.

E Works Manager does all of this for you…

All you do is enter the job details, and assign it to a member of staff.
The job is then sent to their APP.
They go out on site and do the job.
If they run over time you are alerted.
You can view where they are on a personal map at any point.
Add photos, expenses and any attachments for that job.
Once the job is done they get the client to sign off.
This is then sent back to the main system and all you need to do is authorise the job.

Back End 3b

Everything here is automated; this gives you a chance to get on with your more important tasks. The only time you will need to check on your staff is when you are alerted that there is a problem.

With our live panel you can view live updates as they happen.

E Works Manager can be integrated with any system, our in-house team are ready to answer any questions you may have ?

Hit all your KPI’s with E Works Manager

Welcome to E Works Manager – The latest in job management software… Read more

Do you know when your properties are having the work carried out?
Do you ever have to chase up work because the tenant hasn’t been contacted?
Is your contractor having issues with tenants being at the property for agreed appointments?
Do you ever lose or have issues accessing job sheets for completed work?
Do you spend hours a month chasing up progress on repair work?
Do you maximise the amount of work that can be done with your contractors?

With E Works Manager, you can manage all of this and hit your KPI’s

We have rolled out our solution to many firms, small and large.
We work with housing associations, construction firms, IT companies, property maintenance, refrigeration firms and many many more.

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If you would like to speak to one of the E-Works Manager team to see how this brilliant software can help you and your company save time and money please click here or call 0844 324 6333

Latest software updates

Here are some of our latest updates –

The App

We have changed the way in which the signatures are submitted for jobs. People around the country have been commenting when they have poor data connection. We now only submit when on a 3g/4g or wifi connection. This helps stop performance issues and any data loss.

The System

Customer login – Your customers can login and view there jobs. They can also submit or schedule a job for you to process.

Live panel has been updated for you to view all your workforce on one page and monitor there status

Modifications to our search features and new reports have been produced

Simplified our authorisation section for users who don’t want to track user costs

Coming next month

HR section for your workforce and sub contractors

Site specific attachments which will automatically be attached to jobs for field workers to view

Message centre to help communicate more efficiently

See you soon – any questions give us a call

EWM Admin