E Works Manager – From £20 Per Month

What you get…

CONFIDENCE – A company that has 13 years of developing software solutions.

SUPPORT – All included in our price, no hidden support costs.

TRAINING – Full training is provided showing all the features this system has to offer.

SECURE BACKUPS – These are backed up into the cloud so your data is safely stored.

SECURITY – Fully secure 256 Bit encrypted systems are used.

INTEGRATION – We can customise or change features of the system according to your specification. These will be available for you to download as updates.

FUTURE PROOFING – We are constantly developing our system with new features which will be available for you to download as updates.

Managing jobs and staff with ease

Managing jobs isn’t the easiest of tasks at the best of times. When you have operatives, be it a few or hundreds, working in the field quoting or completing jobs it can become extremely hard to manage. With E Works Manager you can oversee everything. It updates you on jobs and the person assigned to the job and advises if they are working to time. Their current location, diaries, job sheets and a whole lot more are also recorded.

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Job Management Software

Job Management – 14 day FREE TRIAL

Did you have a great weekend? Or was it consumed with trying to manage your upcoming projects… Making sure everything was ready and in place for the jobs to be started Monday morning.

We are offering a 14 day FREE TRIAL on E Works Manager – Which means you can improve your business for free before you commit with as much training as you need.

With E Works Manager you can:
See and organise your entire jobs list.
Send jobs to operatives, who will receive jobs directly to their handset.
Who are then able to see all job details and requirements.
After completing the job the clients signs off there and then.
Once signed off the invoice is automatically sent.
Which will then be paid by the client, quickly & efficiently.

The whole time all these automatic processes are happening you can login and track the progress, it will also alert you to any problems or let you know if the job is going over the scheduled time.

This is all controlled from one place… The E Works Manager system!

E Works Manager - Job Management Software


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