How could Field Service Management Software improve your Plumbing company

Finding the best way to improve your company’s service is difficult. Costly expenditures that have little real world value can hurt your company’s profits as can huge changes to the service you provide if they are not appreciated by your customers. However, the right changes can lead to incredible improvements in both productivity and profit margins, something no company can say no to. In the Plumbing industry especially with a relatively saturated market, often the littlest change can have a huge effect on your company’s ability to compete. Introducing Field Service Management software could be that change for you; a way of improving your efficiency without costing too much.

What exactly is Field Service Management software? Well it’s a programme that can be installed on to computers, laptops and tablets that helps your company to share information in the field. For a plumbing company it can mean all your workers being connected with each other no matter where they are out on assignment. This may not sound revolutionary but when you put this technology into practice, it can profoundly change your company for the better.

Field Service Management software will help all your employees stay in contact at all times. What this means in practice is that a supervisor can login and see all jobs that are currently active, move them around, re-assign them, check in on the ones that are running over, and at all times keep in contact with your company’s most vital resource; its workers. Your company can only complete as many jobs as can be scheduled and carried out by your employees, but with good quality Field Service Management software you can optimize your workforce’s efficiency by staying in contact with them. Some FSM software even has features that inform clients of an assignment’s state of completion, letting your focus on the job at hand, instead of dealing with customers. In the plumbing trade the flexibility and information that Field Service Management software gives, could lead to more jobs completed, better customer service and higher levels of efficiency.

It’s not just in employee communication that efficiency can improve. Using a cloud based Field Service Management system can mean access to customer’s history and to keep documents such as invoices and payment systems. All of this can be done electronically, meaning less time between charge and payment and ultimately a higher rate of cash flow.

Ultimately with the introduction of Field Service Management software your plumbing company could see an increase in cash flow, employee efficiency and profit, making it a change you need to think about for the future.

The benefits of Field Service Management software as told by two new users

Field Service Management software could revolutionize your company. Whether your field is plumbing, property sales, car maintenance or something else entirely, with good Field Service Management software you could see an increase in productivity and efficiency that could greatly increase your company’s potential. That’s exactly what happened to Stowe Properties Company and Audiolux Electrical Company. Both these companies recently introduced Webpoint E works Manager FSM software, one of the best on the market, into their companies and the benefits have been clear to see.


“E Works Manager’s Field Service Management software is incredible for my business. I am constantly on the go and so is my staff so it’s very rare we get a chance to talk throughout the day. With E Works Manager I can login and see all jobs that are currently active, move them around, re-assign them and check in on the ones that are running over. With all this information in front of me I can make quick decisions on who is best doing what and when. What Field Service Management software really does is help make the company as efficient as possible. Workers that finish a job early can move on to others, those that are running late can be replaced with colleagues. This fluidity helps us get more work done, quicker, whilst providing the same quality of service to our customers.”

Stowe Properties

“We were impressed with the Field Service Management’s features as well as how easy it was to use. We now don’t need a server in the office as our Field Service Management software works in the cloud, integrates directly with our accounting software (Xero), and reduces double handling and the amount of staff we need as a company. The client portal is an excellent idea and hopefully it will reduce the number of calls from clients as they can access their information and updates with a few clicks. I would recommend field service management software to any business who wants to move up a gear and embrace better, newer I.T. systems.”

This is what good Field Service Management Software can do; it can help a company to move up a gear, making it more efficient, more productive and ultimately more profitable. Why not your company?