The Importance of Staff Scheduling Software

Whether you run a real world business, an online enterprise or a company that has both brick and mortar storefronts and digital websites, staff scheduling software can optimise your workforce and help minimise worker schedule complaints and other common headaches.

Quoting Software for your Electrical Business

Whether your Electrical Business deals with general electrical services, designing and developing electrical systems, working on all kinds of electrical devices, solving problems and test equipment, E Works Manager’s quoting software gives you the opportunity to have total control over the quoting process in your electrical business, making your company run in the most streamlined and cost-effective way.

7 Benefits which Job Management Software can offer your business

E Works Manager has been designed especially for the technical services industry, using best practices to get the job done, while still allowing for all the generic features of job management software. It allows you to create estimates, plan and manage jobs which you can then automatically convert to invoices. To top it off E Works Manager allows you to store all your work in one convenient place which means that losing paperwork is now a thing of the past. Backups are also taken care of.

Why are manual job cards damaging your business?

Productivity and profitability are always top of mind for every business owner. How are manual job cards damaging your business?

Award Winning Job Management Software for HVAC Businesses

In recent years, the job management software and cloud industry have increasingly become an essential aspect of modern life and business, including the HVAC industry. Across the globe, individuals and firms are at the forefront of the newest technology advances, and we are looking to those whose devotion and inventive ways have fundamentally been the driving force of this industries success.

Property Maintenance Nightmares are over with E Works Manager

Property management software continues to grow in popularity and importance. As it decreases in price, smaller companies and amateur property managers are able to function using some of the same best practices and efficiency as larger companies.

How Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Systems Can Save Money in Your Business

One of the primarily advertised benefits of vehicle tracking and monitoring systems in businesses is that it could save money, yet many companies don’t understand exactly how this works.

10 Best Free Employee Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

Managing your staff members in any business is a tough job because staff scheduling is one of the most critical job for any organisation. In earlier days, businesses used to hire dedicated staff especially to make sure that proper employee scheduling was put in place.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Employee Scheduling Easier

Every employee expects a proper schedule to explore his skills in a day to day work. It is a basic requirement, that every business should address. Failing at this point means a lot to your business – It means, failing at employee retention, failing at productivity improvement and failing at goal reaching. Which is exactly why employee scheduling is so important.

Time Tracking Tools & Tips

Time Tracking with E Works Manager

Time tracking software is vital to any business who finds their margins constantly getting tighter. It’s important for a business to keep a track of time spent on site and any idol times where their engineers aren’t working. E Works Manager has built-in software for time tracking online which allows any business to run reports that help manage their workers more efficiently.

We have seen many SMEs who consistently track their employees time and understand where their employees’ most of the time being spent is a great thing to focus on and improve the better process and thus the overall productivity.

Time tracking is a great way to improve productivity, pinpoint cost and profits and increase company morale. But how do you integrate time tracking into your service or business? After Much research and years of development on our own time tracking tools here’s are some time tracking tips which you could use from the below image.

Time Tracking Software - Time Tracking Tips