How can E Works Manager help builders?

Job Management Software - E Works Manager

Working to a schedule is important for builders; it helps keep things in order and running smoothly which in turn helps productivity. Due to things such as the weather, tools and materials used finishing a project to a deadline can be difficult and unreliable. Being able to keep track of these projects online will allow you to look for a solution to any problems straight away whether that be to send more tools or materials to a job or by talking to the client to discuss changes to the project.

E works manager can give you the tools necessary to track all your current projects online from your mobile device.

Your other users of the system will be able to edit jobs marking them as complete, in progress, action required or on hold allowing you to see which jobs need attention.

Using the system you can also keep track of tools used, when creating a job you can pick the tools that will be used allowing other users on the system to see what tools are available and when.

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