How can E-works manager help Electricians?

Job Management Software - E Works Manager

As an Electrician, managing your workforce can be difficult when organising all those electrical rewires or electrical test certificates.

Knowing where your staff / contractors are located and what job they are working on is easy when using E Works Manager. It has a built in job tracker so you are able to manage and track your workforce, being able to access their work schedule which shows the current status of all their jobs and location.

E-works manager is a great way to streamline your time management and job organisation making things run much more easily for both you and workforce. Using our planner you can make sure all your staff have their jobs planned, and nothing goes missing.

All job sheets are digital and all certificates can be completed onsite and signed for.

Import planned maintenance or property addresses for future scheduling.

Our notifications section allows multiple people to work on the same job in a managed order but not wasting any time in delaying with that communication. Our notifications can alert the next operative when a job is completed instantly, thus allowing trades to do jobs in a specific order but also efficiently.

Booking in your reoccurring jobs is easy too, E Works Manager will store them in the background and they will re-appear closer to the appointment for you to schedule one of your workforce.

Yearly certs no longer get lost, when winning a customer E Works Manager helps you remind yourself that this document needs to be done again a year later, thus winning you more work.

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