How can E Works Managers maintenance software help you.

Maintenance Software

As a property maintenance company you will be dealing with lots of different customers and jobs every day. You will need to keep a record of each customer and in some case’s keep in contact with customers for regular property maintenance work. Being able to organise your jobs, customers and a busy rotated schedule is all part of the job.

E works managers maintenance software can help take away some of the stress by offering you a system that allows you to control everything in one place. Through a mobile device anywhere or a computer in the office you will be able to see what jobs are complete or are being done and which are outstanding and close to a deadline.

Having this maintenance software on a mobile device makes it so much easier to control jobs and send jobs out to other users of the same system who might be out the office on another job.

You can create recurring jobs which are completely customisable that will notify you and your staff to tell them that the date scheduled is approaching. Once it has set out a notification the maintenance software will automatically create an unassigned job on the date set for other users to accept and complete the job.

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