How can E Works Manager help plumbers?

Software for Plumbers

As a plumber having time in the office is a rare thing, being out fixing boilers, radiators and replacing pipes for your customers is what you and your workforce will be mainly doing. Communication is key when working away from the office so having a system that can control all your jobs from one place can help you both save time and more importantly money.

Knowing where your workers are and what jobs they are doing can also be a time consuming problem especially when you can't get in contact.

E-works manager has a built in job tracker so you are able to manage and track your workforce. Having the ability to access your work schedule diaries allows you to plan and manage all your calendars and jobs in one place. Forward plan or react, all are made simple in our system.

E-works manager is a great way to streamline your time management and job organisation making things run easily for both you and workforce.

With our digital document service you can go completely paperless, having customers sign off on jobs right there and then enabling you to invoice right away. You can also digitalise all your gas safety certificates so they can be filled in on your smart phone or tablet device. Once complete your certificates are all filed away against the job with easy access of all your document history.

You can book your yearly visits in as well, with notifications appearing closer to the appointment; it allows you to manage your recurring jobs and could even help you win more work.

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