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About E Works Manager

Introducing E Works Manager, the number one job management system! You can now produce quotes quickly and with ease, create jobs, manage and track your workforce, see the progress of ongoing projects and plan your costs.

E Works Manager has a complete invoicing system built in, with integration of Sage, Xero and Quick Books.

Keep customers informed, allowing them to see your progress. Go paperless with digital documents. Understand the true cost of any job, and discover who really makes you profit. Organise your calendar and manage your leads.

It's custom to you and your workflow, we can develop change and adapt to your requirements...
E Works Manager is the answer!


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What our Customers Think

We are expanding from manufacturing specialist security equipment to actually installing and providing a full rental and maintenance service with monitoring and response. I was terrified that the shear volume of paperwork generated would be a nightmare, especially as it has to be audited by our industry body. Now that we have found eWorks manager, there is NOTHING that we can???t do within that one system. I am staggered that my mobile operators can complete an installation, upload pictures, get the customer to sign off, upload them and have an invoice in the customers inbox in less than 5 minutes, and that is just one small part of what eWorks can do. The impression of professionalism it will generate in the eyes of our clients will be significant and that can make all the difference to winning new business and retaining existing clients. We have all now had scanners installed on our desks and this new venture will be totally paperless, as eWorks also allows us to take this massive step.~ Simon
May I just express my sincere thanks to you all, the Eworks system has completely revolutionised our business and allow the growth we needed to take place smoothly. All our users enjoy its ease of access via the cloud, making is so simple for our surveyors and fitters to accept jobs anywhere, and the calendar system is invaluable. The reports are great and lets us have real time information at our fingertips anywhere in the world. ~ Dawn
E Works Manager is a great system for my business. I am constantly on the go and so are all my staff so it's very rare we get a chance to talk throughout the day, we normally have a morning meeting to catch up on the previous days jobs. With E Works Manager I can login and see all jobs that our currently active, move them around, re-assign them, check in on the ones that are running over. With all this information in front of me I can make quick decisions on who is best doing what and when, having this kind of control is priceless.~ Dave
We signed up with EWM and were impressed with the features and ease of use compared to our existing system which does not work on modern browsers such as chrome. We now don't need a server in the office as EWM works in the cloud, and integrates directly with our accounting software (Xero) reducing double handling and the amount of staff we need as a company. Developments are always considered and the EWM team always get back with a response, even if it can't be done immediately you get an idea of when it can be or a good workaround as an interim. The client portal is a excellent idea and hopefully will reduce the number of calls from clients as they can access their information and updates with a few clicks. I would recommend EWM to any business who wants to move up a gear and embrace better, newer I.T. systems.~ Simon
We switched our job management system to E Works Manager 6 months ago, and now all of our documentation and procedures are carried out completely electronically. Along with saving time and money, the customer service is second to none and even if there are any issues, they are always promptly rectified, 9 out of 10 times on the same day! I would unreservedly recommend E Works Manager to any business, no matter what industry you are in.~ Matt