E Works Manager FAQs


Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer you are looking for click chat and a member of the E Works Manager team will be more than happy to help.

E Works Manager will change the way you manage your business. No matter what size company, our system has been built to cater for all sizes and industries. It can be customised if needed or can simply fit straight into a business enviornment right away. Its easy to use and full training is given within the price. We have focused on making it simple for YOU!
Yes - Long gone are the days of huge costs for licenses on software, then the stupidly high support charges they tell you about after you have signed the contract. We charge £69 for 1 - 5 users per month - like we said SIMPLE ! We give you full training, support, data backup and automatically give you upgrades as devices change and we develop the system with improvements - ALL INCLUDED.
Our systems can be used for the one man band or companies who have thousands of staff. Built on enterprise class hardware and software, we can support all firms. With customisable views for the system and Apps, then managing departments or users access rights has never been easier!
We have a bolt on API that we will need to install to allow our systems to post to your Sage. This bolt on maybe subject to a small setup fee depending on each companies circumstances. Yes all the invoices go directly into Sage!
Once you have trialled the system, we can easily set you live to roll out across your organisation or you can walk away at no cost. We want you to trial the system, and we can customise any section for improvement if required.
The mobile APP is available for all the top brands - Apple - Android - Windows and Blackberry so it is available in the appropraite stores or can be downloaded from our secure servers if we have made any customisations for you.
We are constantly developing our systems, any updates to our main systems will be roled out across all customers who use our standard install. Custom changes can be requested at anytime and will be charged accordingly if they are ever needed. We are flexible to your requirements, so just ask.