Job Scheduling Software

job scheduling software

Job Scheduling Software

With E Works scheduling your jobs could not be any easier. We have a virtual whiteboard that allows you to see all your jobs that have been booked in. When grouping staff, you can either manage your sales team for appointments or your workforce for installations.

We have three different views, day view which gives you a day by day views of all your jobs. We have a working week view which allows you to see where you have gaps in your working week to fit in more jobs. We also have a full week view which includes weekends for companies that don???t close.

Simply dragging jobs into a slot and entering the description is all you need to do. It is fully integrated into your system so you can manage existing jobs, by moving them to times you wish them to happen. This will automatically alert the users that there appointment has changed.

E Works Manager Planner ??? Your virtual whiteboard that streamlines your scheduling to help you be more efficient.

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