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Loving our new infographics board

Our new infographics board: This will help give our clients a better understanding to exactly what E Works Manager offers and what we are all about.

Reasons People Get Stressed At Work

Stress is to productivity as a wall is to a runner! But what are the main factors that make so many workers hit this wall? You’re in luck as a recent survey of 1,500 workers in varying positions and professions has reported the common road bumps they incur daily that leaves them feeling stressed at work. We have listed the top 5 below in descending order.

E Works Manager now Supports Full Offline Mode

E Works Manager supports full offline mode with its offline mobile solution, so wherever you are working you can complete your jobs without any data connection. Even in the most remote places, you can still log everything just as if you were online. The technology will store everything locally on your phone and as soon as your phone picks up a connection all data, images and information will be synced to the central system updating your jobs progress and completion! All job sheets with signatures will not be lost and will be transferred to the admin system automatically on a reconnection.

E Works Job Management Software – From £20 Per Month

Award winning E Works Job Management Software from less than GBP20 per user per month

What you get…

Communicate better with your Staff, Suppliers and Customers

E Works Manager will help you communicate better with your staff, suppliers and customers, resulting in happy customers and a streamlined operation. Communication is the biggest failure when you have an annoyed client, and our system helps you bridge that gap on those occasions when you may be taking your eye off the ball. Communicate with your staff, your suppliers and especially your customers as much as possible.

E Works Manager Features

E Works Manager features are all designed to help organise your business more efficiently. The features in our job management software keep evolving according to various industry and business needs. These are among the features: