Sign your documents on the go

Sign your documents on the go with E Works Manager.

Introducing E Works Manager, the number one job management system! You can now produce quotes quickly and with ease, create jobs ??? manage and track your workforce, see the progress of ongoing projects and plan your costs.

E Works Manager consists of 2 main elements, the system and the app. When used together you can have total control over your jobs and staff, making your company run in the most streamlined and cost effective way. This will help you achieve maximum profit from your companies products and services.

E Works Manager has a complete invoicing system built in, with integration of Sage, Xero and Quick Books.

Keep customers informed, allowing them to see your progress. Go paperless with digital documents. Understand the true cost of any job, and discover who really makes you profit. Organise your calendar and manage your leads.

It???s custom to you and your workflow, we can develop change and adapt to your requirements…
E Works Manager is the answer!

Sign your documents on the go with E Works Manager. You can integrate any of your documents into our system.

We will digitally import your documents and then your staff or contractors can fill them out on the go from our APP.

Legal and fully digital so no more filling in works orders or onsite docs by hand.

We can have ALL your documents filled out on site, no just the signature. We can automatically import information to save time as well such as job number, addresses, names etc.

Managing your staff has never been so easy when using E Works manager. Get a free trial and see for yourself.

Sign your documents on the go

Working with E Works Manager helps you have a cloud-based system to control your business from anywhere in the world. Track jobs and appointments, locate your staff and sub-contractors enabling you to manage them in real time so you can manage their calendars and allocate jobs based on availability.