Hit all your KPI’s with E Works Manager

Hit all your KPI’s with E Works Manager. At E Works Manager we have one goal. To provide world-class service, making our customer’s business a thriving success! Customer satisfaction and having the best possible Job Management Software on the market is extremely important to every single employee at E Works Manager.

E Works Manager created Job Management Software to empower companies with the ability to record day-to-day jobs, track employees, capture and manage quotes in the field, manage invoices, schedule new jobs and manage field staff on the road. We had one aim in mind, to simplify the day-to-day running of a business, creating maximum efficiency.

Hit all your KPI’s with E Works Manager – The latest in job management software… Read more

Do you know when your properties are having the work carried out?
Do you ever have to chase up work because the tenant hasn’t been contacted?
Is your contractor having issues with tenants being at the property for agreed appointments?
Do you ever lose or have issues accessing job sheets for completed work?
Do you spend hours a month chasing up progress on repair work?
Do you maximise the amount of work that can be done with your contractors?

With E Works Manager, you can manage all of this and hit your KPI’s

We have rolled out our solution to many firms, small and large.
We work with housing associations, construction firms, IT companies, property maintenance, refrigeration firms and many more.

Hit All Your KPI's with E Works Manager

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