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When looking for job management software, one of the main concepts that come to mind is “How secure and safe is the software?” Here at E Works Manager we pride ourselves on providing the finest and most secure job management software on the market today so you can feel at ease storing all your data within our system.

E Works Manager is a shielded and protected system so you don’t have to worry about leaving yourself logged in on different devices as our system will only allow you to be logged in on one device at a time. So, if you leave yourself logged in on your computer within the admin system and then find yourself logging in using our mobile app, this will automatically log you out of the admin system and vice versa when you log back in on your computer.

You are in control on what your staff can access on the system and what they can’t. You can have your staff set as our default users which is manager, administrator and mobile users and each of these users has a limit on what they can and can’t access depending on their job role within the company. You can also create your own generic users so, for example, you could set a user type to be a little more specific like an ‘engineer’ and select within the system what they can and can’t access manually.

All passwords and usernames are managed by your main contact which will be your ‘Super Admin’ of the system so nobody else will be able to access your account details within your company.

We take our security very seriously and have certain boundaries set in place so our customers feel safe, secure and protected and that’s exactly what we do.

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