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How can E Works Manage IT companies?

Being an IT company ourselves means we know how important it is to keep on top of jobs as it???s easy to lose track. Having communication throughout the office is also something that is very important, especially if you have staff outside the office doing jobs.

E works manager can help both you and your employees keep track on what jobs are most important due to given deadlines, doing this can help make things run much smoother and should mean that all deadlines are met. Any jobs put onto the system can be viewed by anyone else using the same system; a user can then accept a job and mark the status of that job on the system showing all other users the progression of that job.

There is also an Instant messenger built into the system allowing users to talk to one another about certain jobs; this feature is particularly useful for companies that require a lot of teamwork to get a final product.

E works can take some of the pressure off by allowing you to see what jobs have been finished and which jobs are currently in progress; it also makes it easy to keep an eye on the deadline so no job goes unfinished.

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Job Management Software - E Works Manager

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Job Management Software - E Works Manager

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IT Companies Software - Features

  • Job Management

    Create jobs or job sheets from the admin system, or the app. Assign jobs to a project or multiple trade jobs. See More

  • Real-Time Job Tracker

    Real time job tracking helps you react to all the issues that happen in the field that you don’t know about, instantly! See More

  • Job Planner

    We have a virtual whiteboard that allows you to see all your jobs that have been booked in.
    See More

  • Monitor Employees

    The APP will take your employees current location and then give them directions their next job. See More

Job Management Software - App Features

  • Mobile Invoicing

    Creating invoices on the go allows you to send your invoice immediately after finishing a job. See More

  • Mobile Quote

    Build a detailed quote with our mobile APP. Simply add your customer and select from a range of pre populated services. See More

  • Photos

    Take photos of before and after jobs and attach to the job sheet to report to your customer.
    See More

  • Job Sheet

    Getting signatures from customers or operatives is built into our system. Your job sheet is automatically created based on the job information. See More

  • Offline mobile solutions

    Supports full offline mode, so wherever you are working you can complete your jobs without any data connection. See More

  • Mobile Expense Tracking

    Enables you to track all your expenses as and when they occur. Each cost can be assigned to a specific jobs on the go. See More

  • Monitor Employee Location

    The APP will take your employees current location and then give them directions their next job. See More

  • Mobile Documentation

    complete your paper documents from your mobile or tablet device. Any documents can be made digital into our system, with no setup charges. See More