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Job Management Software - E Works Manager

How can E Works Manager help green deal companies?

When you’re working on Green Deal jobs, there are many elements to fulfil. The amount of paperwork you need to submit is a pain to manage and when you are managing a large work load, this process can become stressful.

Not with E Works Manager, we work with you to map out a process plan and work the system around your businesses needs. For every appointment completed in the field, you can receive notifications on completion to help speed up the process, for every document you need completing, we can make an electronic copy to help you become paperless.

Each document completed is stored against the job and can be with your customers in seconds if you need it to be.

With a Live Panel, you can view all of your field workers diaries and how they are progressing through the day.

All this, makes the admin side of your business easy, why not get in touch for a free trial.

Matt - Green Eco Grants

"We switched our job management system to E Works Manager 6 months ago, and now all of our documentation and procedures are carried out completely electronically. Along with saving time and money, the customer service is second to none and even if there are any issues, they are always promptly rectified, 9 out of 10 times on the same day! I would unreservedly recommend E Works Manager to any business, no matter what industry you are in."

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