Staff Scheduling Software

Staff Scheduling Software

Use Web Based Scheduling software to create your Staff Schedule Automatically

Schedule your employee shifts faster & smarter with our powerful & highly effective yet easy-to-use staff scheduling software. Automatically create clear (error free) schedules, import staff schedules of your choice, copy shifts and do much more.

Collaborative Approach to Staff Scheduling

Let your staff members set the availability and deal with business management. Managers are conserving up to 85% of the time formerly spent arranging by sharing staff scheduling duties.

Most Easy-To-Use Staff Scheduling & Management System

Whether you're dragging a staff member onto a predefined shift, or moving your desired shift to a completely new date - all these tasks in our online software is interactive & visual, meaning you can save lot of time handling the work schedule & more time on your own business.

Real-time Budgeting and Updates

Our staff scheduler updates instantly, meaning that you will save even more time. Our system will also show you weekly, daily or hourly period that is under and over staffed - all in real time.

Staff Schedules - E Works Manager

Constantly Available, To Everyone

Keep all your schedules up to date so you can refer them on the go with EWorksManager???s tablet & mobile applications - with our support for all smart devices including iphone, ipad, Android tablets, Blackberry & smartphones.

Bid farewell to Late Arrivals

Eradicate work schedule attendance excuses and related things. 24/7 having access to staff schedules & shift flexibilities combined with remider emails & SMS give employees fewer chance to ignore/misread or forget about shifts.

Do away with Schedule Conflicts

Prevent staff schedule conflicts easily with up to date employee accessibility information and instantly view and correct any clashes due to shifts overlapping, unavailability, overtime, and the list goes on.

Multiple Views

EWorksManager???s member of staff schedule web based app allows you to access the employee schedule how you desire. You can select from different views including day-to-day, every week, and month to month in a visual list.

Staff Scheduling - E Works Manager

Destinations & Positions

Built-in position & location structures allow the freedom to properly setup your accounts just the method that you need. Whether you have multiple locations or departments or a single position, Our staff scheduler can be customised to meet your needs.

Sync Your Work Calendar & Take it Everywhere you go

Keep your employee schedule up to date even on the go. Our software can be integrated with 3rd party apps such as Outlook and Google Calendar.

Automatic Staff Scheduling

Automatically create clear, error free employee shift schedules on the go. Once you are finished you have the chance to review & make any essential changes prior to publishing your schedule.

Create Unlimited Schedules

Easily create multiple personnel schedules with unique settings for each of your work teams within your company.

Numerous Staff Schedulers

Have several departments in your organization that handles different schedules? Not a problem - with EworksManager you can allow individual staff members access to whatever schedules they need.

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Thinking about Staff Scheduling software?

We signed up with EWM and were impressed with the features and ease of use compared to our existing system which does not work on modern browsers such as chrome. We now don't need a server in the office as EWM works in the cloud, and integrates directly with our accounting software (Xero) reducing double handling and the amount of staff we need as a company. Developments are always considered and the EWM team always get back with a response, even if it can't be done immediately you get an idea of when it can be or a good workaround as an interim. The client portal is a excellent idea and hopefully will reduce the number of calls from clients as they can access their information and updates with a few clicks. I would recommend EWM to any business who wants to move up a gear and embrace better, newer IT. systems.~ Simon (Stowe Property)
E Works Manager is a great system for my business. I am constantly on the go and so are all my staff so it's very rare we get a chance to talk throughout the day, we normally have a morning meeting to catch up on the previous days jobs. With E Works Manager I can login and see all jobs that our currently active, move them around, re-assign them, check in on the ones that are running over. With all this information in front of me I can make quick decisions on who is best doing what and when, having this kind of control is priceless.~ Dave (Audiolux)
We switched our job management system to E Works Manager 6 months ago, and now all of our documentation and procedures are carried out completely electronically. Along with saving time and money, the customer service is second to none and even if there are any issues, they are always promptly rectified, 9 out of 10 times on the same day! I would unreservedly recommend E Works Manager to any business, no matter what industry you are in.~ Matt (Green Eco Grants)