Vehicle Tracking Software

Vehicle Tracking Software

Keep your eyes on the job!

Introducing our easy-to-use Vehicle Tracking Software and Monitoring System here at E Works Manager.

Our new original quick plug & play Vehicle Tracking Device has its many benefits for your business such as:

  • Helps you and your business save money
  • Fully integrated into our job management software
  • Keeps effective time management
  • Track and trace your staff live on the job
  • Control driving behaviours
  • Gives you unlimited history on all your drivers with our playback feature
  • One of the cheapest solutions on the market today!

Our Business Vehicle Tracking keeps track of your vehicles when they’re out on the field and regardless of whether your drivers are parked up, taking a break or on the move to a new job you will be able to detect their specific location consistently via our map location within the E Works system. This will help you monitor time management and inform customers on the progress of jobs. You will also be able to see how long it took your driver to get to their job, whether your driver was speeding and how long they were at their destination for.

The E Works Vehicle Tracking System is fully integrated with our job management software which is what makes us unique, setting us apart from other tracking devices on the market. You can plan and control jobs all within one system which would save a lot of time and confusion when keeping track of past, on-going and future jobs. Our system is perfect for allocating emergency reactive jobs as you can observe and instruct your staff whilst they are out in the field.

And if you haven’t already heard enough about how quintessential our business vehicle tracking is we also provide driver behaviour reports for all your drivers such as mileage, user and job reports so you can monitor jobs and staff constantly 24/7 so you will never miss a thing! As well as being able to bring up reports on your drivers, you will also be alerted of any device that has been deactivated, for example if one of your drivers was to unplug their vehicle tracking device, you would be alerted instantly.

Our Vehicle Tracking Device is one of a kind and if you’re looking to save money, ditch the log books, track and trace your drivers live at any time and have a reliable system that does the job then our all in one Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System is for you.

For every business and every vehicle, get in touch today for a demo with a member of our team and see the system for yourself!

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