15th May 2014

E Works Manager now Supports Full Offline Mode

E Works Manager supports full offline mode with its offline mobile solution, so wherever you are working you can complete your jobs without any data connection. […]
10th December 2013

Use EWM FREE in January

Thank you for your support in 2013, we appreciate your support and as a gesture of Goodwill, if you recommend a company whose on a similar […]
29th October 2013

Sign your documents on the go

Sign your documents on the go with E Works Manager. Introducing E Works Manager, the number one job management system! You can now produce quotes quickly […]
22nd October 2013

The Complete Job Management System

E Works Manager helps you to schedule all your jobs, track appointments and project, and provides you with the complete job management system. Why our Job […]
26th September 2013

E Works Job Management Software – From £20 Per Month

Award winning E Works Job Management Software from less than GBP20 per user per month What you get… CONFIDENCE – A company that has 13 years […]
26th September 2013

Managing Jobs and Staff Efficiently

Managing jobs isn’t the easiest of tasks at the best of times. When you have operatives, be it a few or hundreds, working in the field […]
25th September 2013

Job Management – 14 day FREE TRIAL

Did you have a great weekend? Or was it consumed with trying to manage your upcoming projects… Making sure everything was ready and in place for […]
30th August 2013

Job scheduling software

Do you currently have problems arranging your staff’s job schedule? Don’t fear because E Works Manager has the answer with our Job Scheduling Software? Do you […]
29th August 2013

Hit all your KPI’s with E Works Manager

Hit all your KPI’s with E Works Manager. At E Works Manager we have one goal. To provide world-class service, making our customer’s business a thriving success! Customer […]
29th August 2013

Latest software updates

E Works Manager has made a few software updates on our Job Management Software. The App and the System have been created to make things easier […]