4 Powerful Benefits CRM Software Offers the Services Industry

Are you in the services industry and looking for a detailed overview of your customer’s needs and requirements, insights, sales pipeline, and relationship-building tools for targeting suppliers? Then you need to learn about the powerful benefits CRM software offers users in your industry. Below takes a deeper look at these benefits.

Think Outside the Box & Get More Done with Vehicle Tracking Software

“Getting the most bang for one’s buck”, “get more bounce to the ounce” or “get the most return on one’s investment” are phrases you hear people using to reference the worth of their money in an investment. The same concept can be applied to your business’s assets. Ideally, you want to maximize what you already have. This usually takes thinking outside the box.

Business Management Software is Making Facilities Management Great Again


How our Business Management App Measures the Unproductive Engineer

Successful business owners know how to make the most of their resources.  They know how to maximize their profit and minimize their costs by fully utilizing their resources.  How does one identify when staff are being inefficient with their time though?  HVAC and electrical engineers, plumbers, and gas technician’s productivity isn’t easily monitored when they are on the job. E Works Business Management App solves this problem to make sure you can measure an unproductive engineer.  Here is how our App will help you monitor your field worker’s level of productivity.

Increase Revenue and Profits with Our Business Management Software

“The business is doing well. In fact, it could do more but it is working to full capacity.”  These are words heard regularly when talking to office managers at plumbing, gas and heating service companies.

Job Management Software – A powerful tool for Facilities Management Companies

Managing a Facilities Management Company is a daunting task, between organising and scheduling appointments and doing all the back-end paperwork, there’s hardly a moment to keep up with employees in the field. E Works Manager Job Management Software was created to help make your business more organised and efficient.

How can our All in One Job Management Software help Glazing Companies?

As a glazing company, you will be installing windows for your customers. You will also be fixing any broken windows or just straight up replacing the whole thing. As well as organising your jobs, making sure you have the correct materials for a job is also vital.

All in One Job Management Software for Engineers

Working to a schedule is important for engineers; it helps keep things in order and running smoothly which in turn helps productivity. Due to things such as the weather, tools and materials used finishing a project to a deadline can be difficult and unreliable.

All in One Job Management for Facilities Management Companies?

At E Works Manager We offer all in one job management software which can be used in the office and via our mobile app which is specially constructed for Facilities Management companies and other trade businesses.

Track Your Expenses the right way with our Expense Management Software

Working with expenses as you do, you also know managing business expenses via spreadsheets is like using a tiny saw to cut down a tree. Sure, it can be done but how long would you take? Many of you probably already know the pain of expense management and may even look forward to it like a necessary root canal each month.