News For Your Field Service and Job Management Software


23rd July 2019
Keep your employees motivated

Keep Your Employees Motivated With Eworks Manager

Keeping your employees organised is hard. Keeping your employees motivated is harder. Fortunately, field service management software has the potential to offer a solution to these […]
19th July 2019
Field Service Management Software Can Drive Business Transformation

How Field Service Management Software Can Drive Business Transformation

“From a technology that was initially adopted for efficiency and cost savings, the cloud has emerged into a powerhouse of innovation throughout organisations.” This is what […]
15th July 2019

Our Job Management Software And Customer Care

At work everyone , regardless of their occupation, has the responsibility of tending to customers.  A salesperson is hired to sell. A plumber installs and maintains […]
11th July 2019

Re-Inventing the Industry, One Technology at a Time

Re-inventing the technical industry is imperative because, as we all know, technology is taking over. We’re more likely to talk via text, iMessage, Twitter or Facebook […]
7th July 2019

Our Field Service Management Software

Whether your field is plumbing, property sales, or something else entirely, Field Service Management software could revolutionise your company.  With this software you can instantly see […]
4th July 2019

Job Management – 14-Day FREE TRIAL

Are you constantly consumed by the preparation of your upcoming jobs? Do you spend most of your weekends arranging your jobs for the following working week? […]
29th June 2019

Remain Connected with Our ERP Software

In the current business world, it has become exceptionally important to stay connected with your staff, customers and suppliers. It has however become increasingly demanding and […]
25th June 2019
A Perfect Software for Engineers

A Perfect Software For Engineers

Working to a schedule is important for engineers; it helps keep things in order and running smoothly which in turn helps productivity. Due to things such […]
20th June 2019
Eworks Supports Full Offline Mode

Eworks Manager Supports Full Offline Mode

Eworks Manager supports full offline mode with its offline mobile solution. This means that you can complete your jobs without any data connection. Even in the […]
15th June 2019
Sign you documents on the go

Sign Your Documents On The Go

Sign your documents on the go with Eworks Manager. With our all-in-one system you can produce quotes quickly and with ease. You can also create jobs, […]