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21st August 2020
Eworks and the plumbing industry

Plumbing Software that is ideal for the Plumbing Industry

Finding the best way to improve your company’s service can be difficult. Costly expenditures that do not affect or hurt your company’s profits. Considerable changes to your service can also hurt your company if your customers do not appreciate them. However, the right changes can lead to incredible results. With […]
29th July 2020
Questionnaires for your Mobile Workers UK

Questionnaire Feature for your Mobile Workers

Eworks Manager’s Job Management System has given companies all over the globe the opportunity to work remotely and go paperless. During this time, our team is encouraging our clients to make use of the Questionnaire Feature on our system to help businesses make sure that all of their mobile workers are following precautionary and […]
29th July 2020
Plumbers – Are You Working At Maximum Efficiency

Job Management Software for Plumbers

As a plumber, you know that managing a team can be a difficult task – it takes hours of planning, back-and-forth communication, tracking your staff, entering jobs into diaries and much, much more. Often you are not working at maximum efficiency, but that cannot be helped… or can it? CHOOSING […]
14th July 2020
HVAC Business Management Software and Online Quoting System

HVAC Business Management Software and Online Quoting System

HVAC Software equips you with the tools you need to manage and grow your HVAC business. If you are an HVAC business owner looking to shift toward a more flexible cloud-based platform, then you have come to the right blog. We have seen a boom in HVAC business management software […]
2nd June 2020
Why now is the best time to use a Job Management System

Key Service Business Owners. Why now is the best time to start using a Job Management System?

In the face of the global pandemic, many businesses have had to shut their doors due to lockdown regulations. To the companies in essential services, work has been more demanding, and workers are under pressure. Due to COVID-19, regular day-to-day work routines have changed, and protective measures have been put […]
21st May 2020
Communicate better with your Staff, Suppliers and Customers

Communicate better with your Staff, Suppliers and Customers

Eworks Manager offers a Job Management System that will help you to streamline your business and communicate better with your staff, suppliers and customers. Our system was built to help your business work from one cloud-based system that helps you to assign and manage jobs, keep track of stock and […]
6th May 2020
How Your Business Can Keep Your Fieldworkers Safe

How Your Business Can Keep Your Field Workers Safe

The world is experiencing a standstill in businesses and services, and those who are working as essential services are at risk of getting COVID-19 while on the job. Essential services are exactly that, and so we need to protect staff wherever we can. Health and safety protocols are a must, […]
20th April 2020
Social distancing and working remotely

Health & Safety: Social Distancing and Working Remotely

In most countries around the globe, social distancing has become a government requirement. This is to prevent physical contact with people who may have the COVID-19 virus. As tradesmen and essential services continue to work, they need to practice health and safety measures to keep themselves and their customers safe. […]
8th April 2020
The benefits of Mobile Inventory software

The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software

The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software: Minimise Overspending If you do not regularly keep a record of your inventory, you can end up ordering stock that you might already have, or forget to replenish particular items. Mobile Inventory Software will guarantee a cut back in overspending and overstocking, or forgetting […]
30th March 2020
What Companies Should Be Doing To Survive The Lockdown Period feature

What Companies Are Doing To Survive the Lockdown Period

It’s no secret that the world as we know it has had to change their ways during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Businesses are under a huge amount of stress, with no way of knowing if they are going to survive economic collapse which will follow. There is also […]