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11th November 2019
Powerful Benefits Of A CRM-Based Software

4 Powerful Benefits of a CRM-Based Software

Are you looking for a detailed overview of your customer’s needs and requirements, insights, sales pipelines, and relationship-building tools for targeting suppliers? If so then you need to learn about the powerful benefits that a CRM-based software offers users in your industry. Below, we take a deeper look at these […]
21st October 2019
What Is a CMMS system?

What is a CMMS System, and how can it help your business?

CMMS stands for ‘Computerized Maintenance Administration System’. A CMMS system is a software application that helps keep teams up to date. It also archives all assets, schedules and monitors maintenance tasks, and keeps a history of your team’s functions. Advantages of a CMMS program When you put into action a […]
15th October 2019
Use the Number 1 Job Sheet Software to Plan Your Jobs

Use the No. 1 Job Sheet Software to Plan Your Jobs

As the boss of a service company you will need to manage all those people who are working under you. Depending on the type of company you run, you may assign work to them on a day-to-day basis via a manual, paper job sheet. In larger, busier companies, managers may […]
14th October 2019

Evolve your Business with our Job Sheet Software

In today’s world, businesses across industries are facing complex challenges in managing and maintaining their field workforce. Not only do they need to keep track of their workforce, but they also need to log all of the work done by their field employees. Job Sheet Software is a necessity for […]
9th October 2019
How can Eworks Manager help Locksmiths?

How Can Eworks Manager Help Locksmiths?

Eworks Manager is the perfect solution for Locksmiths. Our software allows you to manage your planned and reactive jobs – all in one place. You can quote from the admin system whilst in the office or from the mobile app when you are with a customer. You can also plan […]
2nd October 2019
How Asset Management Can Help Your Business

How Asset Management Can Help Your Business

Are you looking to easily plan your maintenance and make asset management a profitable part of your business? Look no further as Eworks Manger offers an all-in-one Asset Management Software feature! Business sales teams rely on different content types for each phase of the sales process. From customer prospecting to […]
1st October 2019
The Importance of Staff Scheduling Software

The Importance of Staff Scheduling Software

Whether you run a real world business, an online enterprise or a company that has both brick and mortar storefronts and a digital platform, staff scheduling software can optimise your workforce. It can also help minimise worker schedule complaints and other common headaches. Most managers and supervisors will argue that creating […]
26th September 2019
Quoting Software for your Electrical Business

Quoting Software for your Electrical Business

Whether your electrical business deals with general electrical services, designing and developing electrical systems or working on all kinds of electrical devices, Eworks Manager’s quoting software allows you to have total control over the quoting process. This ensures that your company runs in the most streamlined and cost-effective way. Quoting Software Solution Eworks Manager […]
23rd September 2019
Job Management Software and its benefits

7 Benefits of Job Management Software

Eworks Manager is designed specifically for the technical services industry. It uses the best practices to get the job done, while still allowing for all the generic features of job management software. Our system allows you to create quotes and then plan and manage jobs which you can then automatically convert to […]
13th September 2019

Award-winning Job Management Software for the HVAC Industry

Award-winning Job Management Software For the HVAC Industry In recent years, the job management software and cloud industry have increasingly become an essential aspect of modern life and business. This is especially true for the HVAC industry. An HVAC business can be a difficult organisation to handle. Not only are you busy providing […]