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21st August 2019

How Are Manual Job Sheets Damaging Your Business?

The process of tracking work hours and stock output has always been a complicated task. Over the years, various solutions have been designed for handling these […]
14th August 2019

Streamline Property Maintenance With Eworks Manager

Overseeing the maintenance of a facility, manufacturing operation, or fleet can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with property maintenance software, these tasks become easier and more effective. […]
7th August 2019

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Employee Scheduling Easier

A proper employee schedule is a basic business requirement that every company should address. Failure to consider this factor could lead to failure of employee retention, […]
5th August 2019

Time Tracking Tools & Tips

Time tracking software is vital to any business who finds their margins constantly getting tighter. It’s important for a business to keep track of the time […]
2nd August 2019

Why We Make Customer Satisfaction Our Priority

At Eworks Manager we have one goal in mind: To make our customer’s business a thriving success! How do we do this? Two words, Customer Satisfaction. […]
29th July 2019
5 Ways to Get the Best out of your Field Service Management Software

5 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Help Your Business

Much has been said about the need for companies to use cloud computing to track their company’s performance. We are, after all, in a digital transformation. […]
25th July 2019

Field Service Management Software and the Plumbing Industry

Finding the best way to improve your company’s service can be difficult. Costly expenditures that have no effect can hurt your company’s profits. Huge changes to […]
23rd July 2019
Keep your employees motivated

Keep Your Employees Motivated With Eworks Manager

Keeping your employees organised is hard. Keeping your employees motivated is harder. Fortunately, field service management software has the potential to offer a solution to these […]
19th July 2019
Field Service Management Software Can Drive Business Transformation

How Field Service Management Software Can Drive Business Transformation

“From a technology that was initially adopted for efficiency and cost savings, the cloud has emerged into a powerhouse of innovation throughout organisations.” This is what […]
15th July 2019

Our Job Management Software And Customer Care

At work everyone , regardless of their occupation, has the responsibility of tending to customers.  A salesperson is hired to sell. A plumber installs and maintains […]