When you run a business that uses a lot of equipment or machinery, you need to make sure that you are looking after it as best you can. What would happen if you accepted a job that required a certain piece of equipment to then find out later that this was not available when it was needed? This can be incredibly problematic for your business and it is something which you need to manage effectively.

One of the best solutions for this kind of issue is to invest in asset tracking software. Here at Eworks Manager, we have the best IT asset management software on the market which we are going to tell you a little bit more about now. This software is top of the range, so you won’t want to miss out on investing in it for your business.

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What Are Assets?

Before we really get into what asset software is, we thought we’d look at what assets are. This might be something which you aren’t really familiar with as you probably don’t refer to them as assets all of the time.

Essentially, the assets in your business as the things that you use when you are working. This can be the vehicles that you use to get to your jobs or the equipment that you use to get the projects completed. Many companies have many more assets than they think as so many different things can fall into this category.

If you didn’t have these assets, would you be able to complete the jobs on time and in the safest way possible? The answer to this question is usually no and so you need to make sure that you are managing your assets carefully and that you know where they all are at all times.

It can often be beneficial to write out a list of your assets and make sure that you are in control of these. This can be quite time-consuming, but it is often useful in order to figure out if you have enough assets to make it beneficial to invest in asset management software in the future. Once you do have a list of your assets, this will make it easier to get your new system set up once you have your asset management software installed.

Asset Management Software explained

So, what is asset management software? Asset register software, like the one that we offer here at Eworks Manager, is a kind of software that allows you to stay in control of your assets. You can input all of your assets into our system and then keep track of what is where. This is very easy to do, and the entire system is very intuitive.

Not only can you use this asset inventory software to keep track of your assets, but you can also create jobs to make sure that everything is going smoothly. You can monitor your assets even when they are moving around, and this can come in very handy.

There are a few different kinds of asset management software with some companies offering more features than others. It is important that you choose a package that suits your business needs and that has all of the features that you need to keep your business running at the best possible pace.

Importance of Software For Your Business

For those without software asset management tools in place right now, the appeal of this kind of software might not be immediately obvious. The truth is that this software is extremely beneficial to many business owners across the various industries, as long as you are using it in the way it is meant to be used.

When you are creating a job, you need to be able to do so quickly in order to avoid keeping the customer waiting. With the right enterprise asset management software, you can do exactly that by using the software to assess where your assets are. This can reduce the waiting time of setting up jobs for clients and it can also make your team more productive as less time will be wasted.

With fixed asset management software, you can also rely on the fact that accurate information will be in place about every single one of your assets in real time. This can have a major impact on health and safety in your business and this is something which should be of your concern if you are working with heavy machinery and equipment that can be a risk. If something goes wrong, this is recorded, and all of your staff will be able to access this information before making any kind of booking.

This software is extremely important for your business and it is definitely something which you should consider.

Variety Of Uses

Asset management software is extremely beneficial to many different kinds of businesses as it comes with a variety of uses. Of course, this can differ depending on the kind of software that you invest in but if you choose the packages that we have for you here at Eworks Manager then you should be able to see the benefits. Whether you want to line up some jobs, check for available assets or update information on the assets you have in your system, you can do exactly that. With a variety of uses and a package that can be tailored to suit many different industries, this is often the first choice for many businesses.

Try It Today

Now that you know a little more about asset management software, you should consider investing in this kind of software for your business. With this software, your business can really grow and be more productive in general. With a more productive workforce, you can see the benefits in your business and make sure that you are protected should anything go wrong. Make sure to get in touch with Eworks Manager today to see if our package could help to turn your business around.

Automate Jobs

Automate your jobs to maintain your assets

Attach files

Asset specific files can be viewed for all your jobs

Asset History

Engineers have the ability to see what has happened in the past.

Plan schedules

Planning your projects allows you to forward schedule your workforce

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