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Property Maintenance Software that helps you manage all your maintenance jobs. For a 14-Day Free Trial, click here! For a 14-Day Free Trial, click here!

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Property Maintenance Software - Work Order Software for maintaining Home and Commercial Properties

Maintain properties and buildings with Eworks Manager's Property Maintenance Software.

Our system is the perfect solution for property maintenance companies and letting agents. Eworks Manager takes maintenance orders from your in-house system, which creates a quote or job in Eworks Manager. Your maintenance team can then use our app to accept and complete the job, as well as upload any photos or certificates.

Our app allows your team to see jobs on the move, and our Geo planner lets your team see the latest jobs logged and mapped within the closest distance.

The Job Planner helps staff schedule new jobs on the desktop, mobile or tablet. Our Job Sheets feature enables your team to quickly create digital job sheets in advance for each planned job, and edit job sheets on the move!

Our building maintenance software is perfect for people out in the field. It enables you and your customers to log and plan jobs, send job SMS notifications, job invoices, quote jobs, monitor employees in Real-Time and much more.

Our job sheet feature allows your team to easily take before and after photos of all jobs within our app for landlord approval and evidence of work. Customers can also create Support Tickets, and notifications can be sent to landlords before and after jobs are completed.

Schedule New Jobs on Your Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

Manage your jobs, sales, staff, improve work productivity and grow profits

Manage and schedule your preventative maintenance with recurring jobs.

Create Recurring Jobs for customers who require maintenance services regularly. Create a job, set a recurrence rule, which automatically creates the jobs in the Eworks Manager System, and simply assign your field workers to the jobs. Recurrence can be set to every day, week, or month. Set up and keep track of recurring maintenance against sites and assets.

Keep track of which contractors worked on your properties with our sub-contractor module.

Eworks Manager can help sub-contractors with our contractor plugin! Instead of setting your contractors as users, we have a plugin available which allows you to add an unlimited number of contractors to the system and send the job information via email. Contractors can approve and accept the work.

Allow tenants to request call outs from the customer portal.

When you give your tenants access to connect to the customer login portal they gain access to requesting quotes, creating new jobs and viewing the progress of their existing jobs. They can also view and add any notes created within the CRM system, simplifying communication between you and your client. You can also enable this feature for each client separately. You will have unlimited customer logins, free of charge!

Maintain your assets attached to your properties with our asset management portal.

Using our Asset Management Software you can create, manage and maintain recurring and urgent jobs on your properties, invoices against assets, recurring invoices and maintenance services. Keep track of your Internal Assets easily, whether that be your tools, machinery, vehicles or your customer's assets. This includes boilers, air conditioners or any other equipment provided to a customer that may require a yearly service.

Keep track of costs and identify problem sites.

Assign all your expense costs to your jobs. You can also report and manage operative payments while your staff are out on the job. These may include petrol money or receipts for new materials.

Create billable or non-billable expenses. This ensures that you have a log of every expense, whenever you may need it. You can also track all of your staffs and subcontractor's costs and keep a history on the system, so you can know what your company is paying out.

Property Maintenance Software FAQs

1What is property maintenance software?
Property Maintenance Software (also known as building maintenance software), is a type of maintenance management system (CMMS). This is software that helps property managers organise their maintenance operations — often from a cloud-based web and mobile application.
2How will property maintenance software benefit my work?
Benefits your business today by using Eworks Manager's property maintenance software. Allow all of your tenants to submit work orders to ensure your properties are in their best condition. You can improve tenant satisfaction and increase occupancy levels. Read more about how you can streamline your business using our property maintenance software.
3Can I monitor my mobile workforce out in the field?
Our Employee Monitoring Software allows you to track the current location of your field workers and give them directions to their next job. If you are in control of several different workers, you can use the software to assign jobs to specific team members as needed. You can then track their location so you as the business owner can see if they are making their job appointments on time. It is also beneficial to the field workers, as the software can be linked to an app which gives them the location and details about their next job.
4How will this software help me interact with my customers and tenants?
One of the best uses of Job Management Software (like what we offer) is for the production of quotes and invoices. When a customer (or tenant) first contacts you, you can assess the situation and input your notes to create a custom quote in the software. Once a job is completed, the software can send the invoice directly to the customer. It is seamless, straightforward and easy-to-use at every point of the job.

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