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Do you feel like you waste a lot of time bouncing around between different programs to complete your day-to-day tasks? What you need is asset management software to streamline your business and get things more organised. We have our own asset management software which can be adapted to fit a number of different industries and we might have the solution you are searching for.

Benefits of Eworks Manager's Asset Management Software:

  • Saves money and time for your business
  • Tracks the history of your assets
  • Barcode and locate your assets using the system
  • Complete certificates against assets via the App
  • Keep track of jobs and recurring jobs against assets
  • Maintain assets easily and effectively
  • Keep assets organised
  • Avoid hardware costs

With Eworks Asset Management Software you can manage, create and maintain recurring and urgent jobs, Invoices against assets, recurring invoices and maintenance services. Easily keep track of your Internal Assets, whether that be your office equipment, vehicles and/ your customer assets. This includes boilers, or any other equipment provided to a customer that may require a yearly service.

Our Asset Management feature is unique from others on the market because it integrates into our Job Management System. With only a few clicks of a button you can view all your assets, jobs, services, and asset components in one system. This improves workflow and makes life a lot easier.

Are you ready to organise and streamline your business? No matter what kind of company you run, there are plenty of ways you could benefit from our IT asset management software tools. Ditch the books and book a demo today with a member of our team and see how our Asset Management Software can help you and your business.

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1What is Asset Management Software?
An asset management system is built around managing and keeping a track of pieces of equipment and machinery. A system where you can capture specific details around these assets will make sure the small details are not missed. It will also allow you to schedule or create jobs around these assets so that reactive maintenance is carried out on time. Keeping track of the location of the asset, especially when assets are moved around. With an asset monitoring system, you can update the location of the asset as and when it is moved – therefore, an asset is never lost.
2How an Asset Management Solution Can Help Your Business
Having all asset information logged in an all in one system means that nothing is left up to chance. It means that with a click of a button, where ever you are in the world, you have access to vital information. Being able to safely store and categories your assets increases productivity as your staff won’t have to go in search of information when creating a job for an asset. By using a system to track assets on your site or on your customer's site, will ensure those unexcepted costs and legal implications are reduced if anything is ever questioned. Custom fields can be added and updated against an asset each time a job is done against an asset. Whether your operative needs to record a temperature, input a date range or select from a list or dropdown. This means that every time an asset is worked on and those custom fields updated from the mobile App, the information is saved and stored.
3What are Your Assets?
Your assets are anything in your business which you use as part of your work. For example, if you are a HVAC engineer, your assets could include the van you use to move between jobs, your safety gear, any specialised equipment you might use, and your tools. These are the things you need to be able to conduct your job in the safest manner possible and to the best of your abilities; your assets.
4What Else Can I Track Through This Software?
As we have pointed out, asset inventory software is for a whole lot more than just simple asset management. It can also help you to track your jobs and line them up against your assets and inventory to make sure that they line up. It could even be used to create an active and live system so you are aware the moment there is something about your assets which needs updating.
5Can It Be Customised?
Your asset management software is always going to be for you and your business alone so you should be able to update it as you see fit. Our software allows you to add custom fields and tags so you can organise everything as best makes sense to you and your employees. What’s more, our software is fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices, so you can continue to stay updated no matter where your job happens to be.

Automate Jobs

Automate your jobs to maintain your assets

Attach files

Asset specific files can be viewed for all your jobs

Asset History

Engineers have the ability to see what has happened in the past.

Plan schedules

Planning your projects allows you to forward schedule your workforce

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