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Facility Management Software

How Can Eworks Managers' Facilities Management Software Help Facilities Management Companies?

Call the shots with your Facilities Management business with our leading Job Management Software Eworks Manager. We offer an all in one Job Management Software which can be used in the office and via our Mobile App which is specially constructed for Facilities Management companies and other trade businesses.

Re-active Jobs

Our App allows your team to see jobs on the move at any time. Our Customer Login Portal lets your customer log jobs which your team are able to be notified of. Your team can then view the Geo Planner and assign the job to the closest worker. Also, with our new Vehicle Tracking System, you can track your drivers live on the job within our all in one system. Our notifications section allows multiple people to work on the same job in a managed order but not wasting any time in delaying with communications.

Planned Work

The job planner helps staff schedule new jobs on the desktop, mobile or tablet. Our job sheets feature enables your team to quickly create digital job sheets in advance for each planned job and edit or add photos or notes to job sheets whilst on the move.

Facilities Management

Our software is built specifically for Facilities Management companies and assisting with the organisation of finances, past, current and future jobs. It enables you and your customers to log jobs, plan jobs, send job SMS notifications, monitor inventory, create ongoing jobs, job invoices, quote jobs, manage assets, track your vehicles, monitor employees in real time and much more.

Asset Management

Eworks Manager offers an Asset Management feature which is an essential function of any Facilities Management company. Incorporated within a Job Management Software you can manage, create and maintain all your assets as well as your customer assets. Additionally, you can create and manage all recurring jobs, urgent jobs, invoices against assets, recurring invoices and maintenance services. This lets you keep track of your internal assets whether that be your office equipment or fire alarms and your customer assets which could be vehicles and any other equipment that has been provided to a customer that might require a yearly service.


With our job sheet feature allowing before and after photos and notes against all jobs, this allows for management and customer approval and evidence of work. Eworks lets you choose specific rights per user on the system which makes sure that only certain staff, such as managers, can authorise jobs and send them for invoicing. Notifications can be sent to management before and after jobs are completed, or if jobs require intervention. Our all in one Facility Management Software lets you see how long a job has taken and how many hours your staff have completed, therefore, allowing you to calculate staff wages efficiently.

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