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Buyers Guide: Job Management Software


Here are just of few Job Management features that we believe should come as standard with any Job Management Software.


Managing leads and enquiries has never been more accessible. You can import potential customers, manage existing enquiries and market to all your contacts. Perfect if you use telesales staff or companies that out for your appointments.


Eworks Managers online quoting system is the ideal sales and Estimation Software for generating and managing quotations. Flexible and user-friendly, it allows you to create quotes, easily convert leads to quotes and manage your sales the right way, all within one system. Our quoting software system comes complete with a CRM section. This ensures all calls, emails, tasks, notes and complaints are tracked right from quote to invoice – a handy feature if you ever need to refer to see when an action was carried out against a quote.

Live Panel

Real-time job tracking helps you react to any the issues that happen in the field, instantly! Eworks Manager’s Live Panel is usually used by our clients to monitor what is happening in the field in real time. Our clients normally display the Live Panel on a TV or PC in the office, which enables you to see when jobs are overrun, workers can’t get access to site, or when they have started or completed a job.

Time Tracking

The Eworks Manager software tracks and correlates all your users time spent on jobs. This information can be accessed in the reporting section, filtered and segmented to find users who have run overtime, who is allocated to a job or to see users timesheets.


Our invoicing section is a full system that allows you to manage your customers, suppliers and your banking all in one place. No other finance system will be required to run your business.


Keeping track of your expenses is a job in itself. Trying to keep track of mileage or petrol receipts for each job can be a chore each month. Having access to the expenses part of our APP enables you to track all your expenses as and when they occur. This allows costs to be assigned to specific jobs and also allows you to see the actual profit of every job and customer.


Research by Aberdeen Group found that Workforce Management software does increase Workforce capacity utilisation by 12%. That's a 12% efficiency increase.

We can customise Eworks Manager to meet your business needs! We can even customise it to you branding.

Eworks Manager easily integrates with Accounting software including Xero, Sage & Quickbooks!

With Eworks Manager, managing your jobs has never been easier. Our Job Management Software enables you to appoint, plan and action all the necessary tasks required. This ensures that you complete the job on time and with a profit.

The software can solve a lot of your business headaches, and it can make the working environment so much easier. Contact us today to start organising your business the right way. Or feel free to test the software out for yourself with our 14-Day Free Trial.

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