5 signs it’s time to sign up for Job Management Software

You've considered Job Management Software for your field service business, but you're unsure whether it's the right solution for your company or the right time to invest in a new system. We know it's a big decision, so we've created a guide to help you, highlighting the top ways to identify whether your business needs the software.

If you can relate to any of these challenges, it's time to sign up for Job Management Software.

Your paperwork is piling up

If you're still using a paper-based management system, the chances are your paperwork is piling up, and you're running out of storage space for files and documents. When paperwork piles up, it's easy to misplace or lose documents and confidential customer information. Duplicating paper documents is time-consuming, and if you don't make copies of your documents, you'll lose all the information your team needs to complete projects.

You're always behind on admin work

Managing a field service business can be demanding. You're responsible for supervising technicians while trying to find time to complete admin tasks like job scheduling, quoting, and route planning. If you can't find time for your admin tasks and the work is becoming more and more tiresome, you need a solution like Job Management Software.

Your team's productivity has declined

If your technicians aren't meeting deadlines or failing to complete tasks successfully the first time, it may be time to sign up for Job Management Software so you can monitor their performance and identify how to get them back on track. With data to show you how long they're taking to travel to job sites and complete jobs and how many tasks they're doing daily, you can identify issues and find solutions to improve productivity.

You're overscheduling your team

Maybe you're unsure how to manage your team's schedule efficiently, but instead of using a tool to help you create the perfect plan, you're assigning as many jobs to your mobile workforce as possible. You may think this is the best way to increase productivity, but overscheduling can negatively affect efficiency and lower employee morale. With workers rushing from one job to the next, the quality of your service may be compromised, impacting customer satisfaction and your business's reputation.

Your customers never pay you on time

Customer payments are crucial to maintaining positive cash flow. If your clients never pay you on time, you need to find a way to get them to pay you sooner before paying your employees and suppliers becomes a challenge. One of the reasons why customers may not be paying you on time is because you're sending invoices late and not following up on outstanding payments.

Solve your everyday challenges with Job Management Software

Job Management Software offers countless benefits to help you overcome these obstacles and other everyday challenges your field service business may be facing. With the cloud-based software, you can:


  • Swop paper for digital documents, which you can store on a cloud-based system to access on any device.
  • Automate manual tasks like job scheduling, quoting and route planning.
  • Use data to make a decision rather than a guesstimate.
  • Create the perfect schedule to maximise productivity without causing employee burnout.
  • Send invoices on-site as soon as a job has been completed.
  • Automate email reminders to avoid following up on outstanding payments manually.


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