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Job Management – 14-Day FREE TRIAL

Are you constantly consumed by the preparation of your upcoming jobs? Do you spend most of your weekends arranging your jobs for the following working week? If so, you’re in luck. We, at Eworks Manager, are offering a 14-Day FREE TRIAL of our job management software. Improve your business for free with as much training as you need.

With Eworks Manager you can:

  • View and organise all of your job lists.
  • Send jobs to operatives, who will then receive jobs directly to their handset.
  • Attach job details and requirements.
  • Sign off jobs there and then once complete.
  • Once signed off the job sheet automatically syncs to the system.
  • Receive money quickly and efficiently from clients

Furthermore, you can login and track the progress of your jobs anytime, anywhere. The system will also alert you to any problems or let you know if the job is going over the scheduled time.

Control and manage your jobs with Eworks Manager. Try our Job Management Software’s 14-Day FREE Trial now to test it out for yourself.

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