How can our All in One Job Management Software help Glazing Companies?

As a glazing company, you will be installing windows for your customers. You will also be fixing any broken windows or just straight up replacing the whole thing. As well as organising your jobs, making sure you have the correct materials for a job is also vital.

Using e works you will be able to add products to the system such as window panes, glues and other materials used. When adding them you can add all sorts on details such as prices, tax rates and the location of the item. Once they have been added you can use them throughout the system when building quotes, jobs and invoices.

You can also create a quote for customers using e works manager. It’s quick and easy to do and entirely customisable to you. Once a quote has been created it can be emailed to the client or printed out for you to give to the client yourself, all quotes created can then be turned into an invoice with the click of a button then sent out or printed for the customer.

Window Glazing Company

Some of the benefits Job Management Software can offer any Glazing Company:

  • Job Management – It gives the business a chance to use smart tools to easily assign jobs, track timelines, and receives notifications when projects are running late.
  • Quoting Ability – The templates will enable the business to send professionally designed, branded, custom quotes within minutes – even on the move from the mobile application.
  • Streamline Invoicing – The invoice should include labour, as well as parts and unit charges. It allows your business to save time and improve cash flow with paperless and bulk invoicing.
  • Time & position tracking – Track the time spent getting to and working on various jobs with minimum effort from you or your staff, while tracking their whereabouts at all times.
  • Reporting – With all data being in one place, the business can see many standard performance reports at a glance.
  • Scheduling Ability – Be able to assign jobs and field workers with an easy calendar-based interface.
  • Mobile Application – Allows you and your staff to do everything seamlessly and puts much more control into your hands, whether online or offline.

Our software is built specifically for glazing companies and assisting with the organisation of past, current and future jobs, finances and much more. It enables you and your customers to log jobs, plan jobs and send job SMS notifications. This also enables you to monitor inventory, create ongoing jobs, job invoices, quote jobs, manage assets, track your vehicles, monitor employees in real time and much more.

We invite you to browse our E Works Manager website or start your obligation Free 14 Day Trial to see what makes E Works Manager an award winning software system for all technical service industries.

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