Why your HVAC company needs Job Management Software

As a software provider for HVAC businesses, we understand the challenges of managing a business like yours in the field service industry. Besides supervising multiple mobile workers at different sites, there's also admin jobs that need to be done to make sure you convert leads to sales, keep your customers happy and maintain a positive cash flow.

If you're struggling to keep up with your admin work, manage your projects and oversee your mobile technicians, Job Management Software is the solution you need. Discover why your HVAC business needs Job Management Software and the benefits of using Eworks Manager.

Efficient Job Management

Managing your jobs with a paper system can be highly time-consuming. It's not easy to quickly find the information you need, and if your mobile workers misplace job cards, it won't be easy to retrieve the data. With Job Management Software, you can find all your jobs cards and documents in one place, and with our cloud-based system, you'll never lose your data. You can create and schedule job cards with our Time Planner or assign jobs to the nearest worker with our Geo Planner.

Real-time updates

With a Job Management System in place, you can get instant updates from your mobile technicians while they're on-site. Real-time updates make it easier to track progress and share updates with customers. Your mobile workers can update the job card via our Mobile App, and you can access the information via the App or our admin system.

Accurate live tracking

It can be challenging to keep track of all your mobile technicians when they're in the field, but with our Job Management Solution, you can use Live Mobile Tracking to supervise them. One of the most significant benefits of our Live Mobile Tracking feature is that you can use it to plan jobs based on your mobile workers' location. When a new job comes in, you can allocate it to the nearest available worker to save time and fuel. You'll find the live location of each mobile technician on a map which you can access on your desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

Optimise quoting and invoicing

Our Job Management System makes it easy to create and send quotes and invoices from our admin system or Mobile App. The system simplifies the process from beginning to end - once a quote has been accepted, you can turn it into a job card. Once your technician has completed the job, you can automatically create an invoice with the information from the job card and email it to the customer. If you find it difficult to follow up on quotes or outstanding payments, you can use our system to help you. With Eworks Manager, you can schedule a date and time for your team to follow up on a quote, and you can view quotes that have been accepted or rejected. With our Invoices Dashboard, you can view your overdue invoices, and you can set up email reminders to be sent if a customer hasn't paid their invoice.

Flexible Mobile App

You can access our job management system wherever you are with our Mobile App, making job management flexible. Our Mobile App also works offline, so if your mobile workers often don't have cellular signal on-site, they can still use the software.

For a Job Management Software designed to meet the needs of your HVAC business, choose Eworks Manager. Our software is used by many companies in the industry and is the ideal solution for your business, too. For more information, get in touch with our team or sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

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