How our Gas Engineer Software can help Heating and Plumbing Companies

Do you often wish that you can find some way to get around all of the paperwork and admin in your heating and plumbing business? Now you can!

Eworks is helping managers of heating and plumbing companies across the world take control of their operations while on the go from their laptop, tablet or mobile phone. There is no need for you to get stuck in the office anymore to make sure that things get done.

How does it work?

The Eworks Manager software has been developed specifically for heating and plumbing companies, and it is designed to not only take care of all your admin and paperwork, but it also allows you to manage all your jobs and business in real time, from the office, in the field or wherever you are. It allows for multiple users to work on the same projects simultaneously, and you can get all the reports you need at the click of a button to manage your operations efficiently.

So what does this mean?

Eworks Manager enables you to manage your entire business operations from anywhere at any time from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

The app can be downloaded across multiple platforms too, so all of your staff can access jobs, timesheets, purchases and invoices in real time. Teams in the field need not waste time calling in for equipment or spares anymore because they can create purchase orders on the app that you can approve immediately. The system also accommodates your customers. They can access job progress, log new jobs and get their invoices and gas safety certificates via the app in real time. No more waiting for email or hard copies!

Eworks saves you time and money

You and your team can see all existing and newly created jobs while on the move in real time. That means that if your office or a customer logs a new job, you and your team immediately know about it. Our handy vehicle tracking system automatically maps the closest distance to jobs, and you can identify teams that are closest to the destination by tracking your drivers in real time. You can assign teams and staff directly from the app. No more time wasted contacting each other to establish who and where to attend to a call-out.

Onsite teams can use the app to create and edit digital job sheets, and also complete digital certificates for customer approval there and then. Our job sheet feature allows your team to take before and after photos as well so that you and your customers can view the problems and the work done to fix them. Your customers can also use the system to create support tickets that can be sent to you before and after completion of a job. No more protracted queries and explanations via email and phone.

The time tracking system allows you to see how many hours were spent on each job, and how much time was spent on the road. This means that you can accurately invoice for time on the job, and because you are keeping track of all man-hours, you need no longer calculate timesheets or clock cards to pay staff wages. The Eworks reports take care of that for you.

Another feature is that you can integrate our software with your existing programs, so your accountant, admin staff and sales staff can have access to, and download information they need to get their job done. There is no need for duplication of work and back and forth communication.

So back to the paperwork that is every heating and plumbing company’s nightmare. Eworks manager allows you to go paperless! You can store all your information, including correspondence and quotes, on the system to be retrieved at the click of a button. All your documentation will be branded for your company, and there are existing templates for every document you could need, so everything stays professional. You can sort open and closed jobs in a way that works for you, and attach all relevant documents to each job.  All reports are available online so that you can keep track of the profit and loss on individual jobs, as well as your company overall. You need never worry about printed invoice books, sticky notes, print-outs and lever arch files ever again when you use Eworks Manager for heating and plumbing company.

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