5 reasons why tradespeople get stressed at work

Stress plays a significant role in the Field Service industry, and unfortunately, it's more prevalent than ever. Stress can have adverse emotional and psychological effects, for example, anxiety, mood swings, anger, forgetfulness and an inability to concentrate. These effects could harm your workers' physical health and lead to absenteeism in the workplace.

As an employer, it's essential to know why your technicians get stressed at work so you can find solutions and improve your staff's work life.

Lack of information

Performing a task when you don't have all the necessary information to get the job done successfully is challenging. If workers don't have a breakdown of the task at hand or know how they need to do the job, they'll be stressed about making mistakes or getting in trouble. It can also include a lack of training. If your team doesn't have the right skills for their job, they'll be concerned about doing the work incorrectly or injuring themselves on the job.

Poor prioritisation

It's difficult for your technicians to stay organised and work towards a goal when tasks aren't prioritised effectively. Without a sense of urgency, your team may not complete projects on time, or the focus will be on assignments that only need to be completed at a later stage. Poor prioritisation wastes time, which can frustrate workers, making them anxious and stressed.

Unrealistic goals

When your workers feel that you've set an impossible goal for them or the team to achieve, it could make them feel stressed or anxious about their jobs. And when they don't reach the goal, they'll think that they've failed, which will make them feel even more stressed.

Deadlines are chopped and changed

When deadlines are constantly changed or moved around, it's difficult for your employees to prioritise their tasks. If tasks are moved forward without notice, your team may have to spend more time at work, and they'll be exhausted and stressed out.

Weak leadership

You're responsible for setting the vision for your organisation and sharing it with the team. If your employees don't know what they're working towards or are not inspired to contribute to the vision, they may lose interest in their work. With no purpose at work, your team may feel stressed that they're never going to achieve anything at work or make progress in their career at your company.

The solution

One of the best tools you can use to keep your business organised and reduce stress in your office and on-site is Job Management Software. You can use the system to schedule jobs and manage your teams' calendars easier. Your employees can also share job updates, increasing communication and helping you and your team work together towards a common, realistic goal.

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