Top reasons to upskill your gas engineers in 2022

The key to staying relevant and competitive in any industry is upskilling. Technological innovation, economic changes, societal movements, and customer demands present new opportunities and challenges for businesses. Companies must expand their team's abilities to close skills gaps if they want to keep up with competitors and stay relevant.

What is upskilling?

Upskilling is the process of teaching an employee new skills for their current role. The purpose of upskilling is to expand their existing skill set to increase proficiency. In our blog, we've highlighted why it's important to upskill your gas engineers in 2022.

Improve employee retention

High employee turnover isn't good for your company, and your team may lose confidence in you as an employer. Hiring new employees is also expensive and time-consuming, as you have to advertise the position, conduct interviews, and do training again. Your goal should be to retain your employees. The opportunity to learn new skills encourages employees to stay at your company. They know that enhancing their skill set may increase their chance to apply for new positions in the organisation and grow their careers. Upskilling gives them a reason to stay because there's a future for them. They know that the longer they remain at the company, the more they will grow.

Attract talented technicians

You can use upskilling programmes to attract hard-working engineers who want to join a company where they can grow and add value to the business; technicians who are ready and eager to learn new skills and expand their skill set. Attracting talented technicians makes your recruiting process simpler and ensures you hire the right team the first time. With the right team, you can accomplish your business's goals and increase your chances of success.

Give your business a competitive edge

You can gain a competitive edge by expanding your team's skill set. Upskilling keeps employees motivated, increasing their productivity and the quality of their work. When you offer exceptional service, customers will continue to support you and recommend your brand to friends and family, giving your business credibility and helping you stand out in a competitive industry. Expanding your team's capabilities can help you position your business for long-term success. If you can look ahead and identify emerging trends, you can ensure your workers have the skills they'll need to meet the needs and expectations of customers in the future.

Prepare for the future of the industry

The UK is moving towards a greener future, and the government aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. A net-zero future will significantly impact gas engineering, as the government's strategy to reduce carbon emissions includes moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy. To manage your skills gap, you must upskill and reskill your technicians to secure your business's future. While upskilling involves expanding a technician's skill set, reskilling is the process of teaching a worker skills for a new role, which may be necessary for this situation. As natural gas boiler installations are phased out, and houses and commercial buildings move to low-carbon heating solutions like heat pumps, your technicians must be taught the skills to fit and maintain these devices. If you upskill and reskill your workers, your business can take advantage of the opportunities renewable energy will present in the future.

Help technicians keep up with the digital transformation

Technology is constantly changing, so your technicians must know how to use the latest technology in the industry. With training, your technicians can use technology to automate some of their manual tasks, giving them more time in a day. More companies are switching from traditional systems to cloud-based solutions like Gas Engineer Software to provide their technicians with a tool to improve efficiency in the field. The software is an all-in-one platform your team can use to manage every aspect of their jobs, including job sheets, quotes, invoices, and digital documents, and they can access all this information on-site via a mobile app.


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