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Automate Your Staff’s Jobs With Job Scheduling Software

Do you want to be able to manage your employees’ schedules from anywhere?

Job Scheduling Systems allows you to create new jobs and assign them to the desired time and staff member.

Why Switch to Eworks Manager’s Job Scheduling Software?

Quicker Dispatching

You can view all your field staff’s job statuses and locations, enabling you to dispatch urgent jobs to the closest available staff member. Staff members will immediately receive a notification on the Eworks Manager Mobile Job Scheduling App of the assigned job along with all the details.

Flexible Job Scheduling & Real-time Updates

By using a job scheduling system, your admin team can communicate with the field staff more efficiently. If there is any change in the schedule, your field workers will be notified right away. The productivity of your business increases when jobs are correctly scheduled. Job scheduling solutions allows you to track your employee’s performance and receive real-time updates of their job progress.

Reduce Manual Work and Save Time

Our system not only reduces the possibilities of human errors but also helps you save time. The use of manual methods is not beneficial for your business as it is more prone to errors. Job planning systems ensure that your whole team’s schedules are organised to the minute, so there is no confusion and quality service can be delivered to customers.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Employees can view their schedules and details of their assigned jobs, no matter wherever they are. Because Eworks Manager’s Job Management Software is cloud-based, you can access it from any location. Administrators can use the cloud-based platform to delegate tasks to your field workers, and they can use the cloud-based Job Scheduling App to receive updates about their assigned tasks.

Our Mobile App also operates in Offline Mode, using Offline Task Management Software, so your technicians can access their jobs and digital documents even when working in remote locations without an internet connection. When your technicians reconnect, the app will sync and update all job details in the system. This feature saves time and allows the delivery of services to customers on time. Admin staff can also check the schedules from any place and at any time.

Automatic Reminders

With the help of automatic reminders, employees are constantly reminded of their assigned tasks. As a result, they do not forget about their assigned tasks and complete them within the time limit provided. Trigger notifications can be set up on the system to remind you to do specific tasks.

Better Communication

Eworks Manager’s Job Scheduling Solution is a centralised platform where all your business’s data can be stored. Having access to information from one single place improves the coordination between field workers and admin staff. A properly planned schedule helps employees know what exactly they have to do, minimising the chances of errors.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

This feature allows you to drag jobs onto the desired time and employee. Our software helps you to plan and manage schedules quickly and easily. The company calendar has a daily, weekly, and monthly view for your admin team to easily see where and when your team’s jobs are scheduled.

The Job scheduling system provided by Eworks Manager is the perfect solution to all your management problems. You can schedule and manage your entire team’s jobs with just a few clicks.

Eworks Manager’s Job Scheduling Software allows you to automate jobs, have a detailed analysis of the jobs, keep a record of customers, and schedule jobs efficiently. Try out the 14-day free trial of our software and check out how it helps to maximise your business’s productivity.

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