HVAC industry: Software to help you stay on top of your projects

While it hasn't been the chilliest winter the UK has ever recorded, it's going to be one of the coldest Februarys in the country's history. If your HVAC business has already had a busy winter season, make sure you're prepared for the last month of winter and use these tips to stay on top of your jobs.

Schedule job ahead of time

If you've got several jobs lined up for the next few weeks, start scheduling them now. Once you've assigned jobs to every technician, you can rest assured that someone from your team will attend to the task. It's easier to manage all your appointments and schedule emergency jobs when you can view your teams' calendars and see who's available at what time. There are multiple scheduling tools you can use, but HVAC Software is one of the best options on the market.

Keep track of your technicians

It's challenging to keep an eye on all your remote technicians, especially when you can't be at every job site, but there is a solution. You can use Vehicle Tracking to supervise your team during working hours. With access to your workers' live location, you can confirm when they arrive at job sites and that they've arrived safely. Vehicle tracking also makes reactive planning easier. You can view the live location of your technicians and assign emergency jobs to the nearest available worker to save time and keep your customers happy.

Keep your customers updated

Sharing regular updates with your customers during your busiest month may take up time, but it will help you in the long run. When your customers know the status of their job requests, they'll be less likely to get in touch with you first. You can contact them when you're available instead of having to take their call when you're busy. They'll also be happy to know that you took the time to provide an update, which shows them you're prioritising their request. The next time they need an HVAC expert, you'll be the first person they contact.

Improve communication with your team

It's challenging to supervise remote workers without good communication, whether you're managing a big team or one or two technicians. To avoid miscommunication and improve team communication, be clear and concise when sharing feedback or instructions, and encourage your team to ask questions if they need clarity. Listen to what your workers have to say, and ask them questions if you don't understand what they're trying to communicate. Use practical tools to improve two-way communication and avoid time-consuming meetings. For example, you can use HVAC Software to create digital job cards to get feedback immediately from technicians on the job.

Use HVAC Software to manage your projects

With HVAC Management Software, you can schedule jobs, track your vehicles and create digital job cards. You can also send quotes and invoices via email, create recurring maintenance jobs, get jobs approved on-site, and get jobs updates while technicians are in the field. The software provides one platform to manage every aspect of your HVAC business, simplifying the day-to-day running of your company.

If you're ready to take on the last of your winter projects with the help of HVAC Management Software, sign up for our 14-day free trial or get in touch with our team for more information about our system.

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