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The Importance of Staff Scheduling Software

Whether you run a real world business, an online enterprise or a company that has both brick and mortar storefronts and a digital platform, Employee Scheduling Software can optimise your workforce. It can also help minimise worker schedule complaints and other common headaches.

Most managers and supervisors will argue that creating an employee work schedule that satisfies everybody is practically impossible. Upper-level executives and business owners want to ensure that there is enough labour to handle business levels. But, with this in mind, owners also have to be careful not to schedule too much labor to workers. This can mean overspending - driving costs up and profits down.

Workers are also real people with real demands. Family obligations, health issues, social lives, and other issues can influence when and where your staff want to work. That means that balancing the needs of the business against the desires of the workforce can be a frustrating, difficult task for scheduling managers and supervisors.

Scheduling Software can take the responsibilities and challenges out of the hands of scheduling managers and supervisors. This software puts the responsibilities and challenges of staff scheduling into digital files. The CMMS system then creates, adapts and manages schedules automatically according to a pre-determined set of criteria.

You can also integrate Scheduling Software with sophisticated forecasting tools. These tools can accurately predict business volumes. It can also automatically protect businesses against unnecessary overtime, over-scheduling labour, or scheduling individual workers’ shifts too close to one another without enough time off in between shifts.

The Advantages of Staff Scheduling Software:

1. Increases Productivity and Efficiency

When managers create work schedules, they will often build in extra labour. This is often done to ensure that they aren’t caught short in case of call-offs, shortages, etc. But this is based entirely on guesswork and hunches. Staff Scheduling Software reduces the guesswork and calculates labour hours exactly.

2. Saves Time and Money

Creating work schedules is a difficult, time-consuming part of any manager’s job. Every minute your managers spend cooped up in their offices, working on work schedules, is time they aren’t on the floor supervising your workers and managing your business. With Eworks Manager, your managers can spend more time on the floor and less time working on schedules.

3. Procedural Consistency

Most small business owners have had the experience of misplacing or forgetting a time off request from one of their employees. This results in somebody being scheduled for a job on a day they can’t work. While this may seem like a little thing, it can be a major problem for both the worker and the business as a whole. Our scheduling software lets you easily see who is available for jobs and who isn't.

4. Increased Access to Critical Information

Job Management Software gives businesses more information they can use to successfully gain profitability. Schedules can be accessed online from anywhere. Workers can also easily track their time and attendance using their mobile devices. And, managers can create schedules and check shifts with user-friendly filters. Businesses of every size and complexity can benefit from employee scheduling software. It streamlines operations and maximizes profits and labour hours.

Feel free to contact us or start your 14-Day Free Trial to see what makes Eworks Manager an award-winning software system for all technical service industries.

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