Three ways Field Service Management Software could save you time

One constraint that all companies fight against is time. Do you as an employee have enough time to get this job done as well as that one? Do you as a manager have enough time to supervise employees the way you would like to, whilst balancing this with the administration you have to do. Do you as an owner have enough time to keep in contact with all your current clients whilst actively trying to find new ones? A lack of time can be a efficiency and productivity killer for a developing or mature company, and without the option to increase your workforce you could find that you plateau. Increasing your workforce is not the only option though. One way to increase the amount of time you have is by introducing Field Service Management Software that can help you cut down on time consuming activities, leaving employees, managers and owners to do what the really important stuff; running your company successfully. There are many ways that Field Service Management software could help your company. Using Webpoint E Works Manager (one of the leading Field Service Management softwares in the field) as an example, here are the three most important ways in which your company could be improved using FSM.


1 Integrated Accounting Any good Field Service Management Software should help cut down on needless administration and Webpoint E Works Manager is no exception. With this software, the time you spend on accounting and invoicing could be drastically reduced. This is due to the fact that the software has a built in invoicing system; one which will integrate with all of the key accounting programmes including Sage, Xero and Quick Books. This means no double handling and less need for additional members of staff, cutting down on costs as well as time.


2 Better Contact with Employees Field Service Management software like E Works Manager ensures better contact between employees and employers. In the past morning meetings would take time, but were necessary for keeping on top of where employees were at with projects, or what their plan for the day was. With goof FSM software, you can keep abreast of all this, but without the time consuming meeting. The software allows for individual oversight, re-assignment and any manner of changes without needing to be in the same room or even in the same building; perfect for companies whose employees are always on the move.


3 Faster Transactions For some companies the biggest time waster is also the most important; invoicing. With E Works manager, and almost all Field Service Management Software, your employees will be able to complete electronic job sheets and digitise documents, speeding up the process from job completion to invoicing for a job. Giving an invoice the day a job is completed can speed up the payment process, saving time and improving a company’s cash flow as a result. Good Field Service Management software like E Works Manager will help your company in many ways. Integrated accounting, faster transactions and better communication with employees are just some of the benefits to be gained from introducing the software to your company. But the biggest benefit is the extra time you will suddenly have available, and this is something you can’t put a price on!