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  • Manage Suppliers and Deliveries
  • Create Picking Lists
  • Stock Movement History
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Manage Your Inventory and Easily Maintain Your Stock

Assign and track van stock whilst keeping a full history

Stock Management Software

How a Stock Management System Can Help You Manage your Stock

Eworks can offer you a simplified way to manage where your stock is or has been. Effortlessly manage what you have in inventory, what has been committed to jobs in progress and what you have available. With our stock management software, you can also know what you need for upcoming jobs without ease.

Easily Manage and Monitor your Warehouse, and Van Stock

By using Eworks to manage and monitor each of your Locations, stock replenishment becomes an easy task. With total stock and stock value visible for each location, your staff will know exactly what stock each warehouse or Mobile Location has - minimizing the events of over-stocking and under-stocking.

Processing Purchase Orders

You can keep an eye on all Purchase Order information, whether it be ordering stock for a job or for a location. With Eworks’ Stock Management System you can capture partial deliveries and Invoices from your suppliers. This will ensure that you have all the stock you ordered. Tracking ordered stock also becomes easy with our software. Simply select the location from a drop down, which automatically updates the location's stock count.

Move or Transfer Stock from One Location to The Next

When stock assigned to a job is not available in the workers van, the system will automatically generate a picking list for the worker to collect from their designated warehouse. The admin staff can quickly create picking lists to move stock from one location to another. This way, the system can adjust stock values for each location and keep a full history of stock moved.

Keeping a Full History

When picking lists are created for locations, when stock is ordered from your suppliers or when staff add or remove stock for specific locations, Eworks keeps a full history of it. This allows you to refer back if any issues arise around stock.

Van Stock

Manage all your van stock and top up as required.

Warehouse Stock

Have multiple warehouses and track your stock levels

Monitor Purchases

Easily purchase new stock from low levels and for job specific requirements.


Monitor what is being used and who is using it.

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