Stock Management Software

Monitor Your Purchases, Your Van Stocks and Control Your Warehouse All in One Place

Stock Management Software

Are you looking to manage your inventory and easily maintain your stock? Silly question - of course, you are! So why not check out Eworks Manager’s Inventory Management Software.

Eworks Manager works with several industries across the world such as Electrical, Facilities Management, HVAC Management, Locksmiths, Property Maintenance, Plumbing & Heating, Property Management, Letting Agents and many more! All these industries might be different, but what they all have in common is that their business requires stock management! And that’s where Eworks comes in!

This management software helps your business and has the following features;
  • Manage Stock Control
  • Track Deliveries of Goods
  • Manage Customer Orders
  • Oversee Sales Performance
  • Track Where The Stock is
  • Create Work Orders
  • Track Expenses
  • Avoid Product Overstock
  • Track Suppliers
  • Keep a History of ALL Delivered Goods
Above is just a handful of things that our Inventory Management Software possesses as we don’t want to give too much away as we want to hear from you! Inventory will help your company become the most organised and manageable it’s ever been before!
If you would like more information on this unmissable feature, contact our super friendly team who will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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Van Stock

Manage all your van stock and top up as required.

Warehouse Stock

Have multiple warehouses and track your stock levels

Monitor Purchases

Easily purchase new stock from low levels and for job specific requirements.


Monitor what is being used and who is using it.

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