Job scheduling software

Do you currently have problems arranging your staff’s job schedule? Don’t fear because E Works Manager has the answer with our Job Scheduling Software?

Do you find it hard keeping track of certain people or contractors, jobs that run over time, invoicing for the correct amount of work done?

Its not too bad if you are a small company with 1 or 2 employees who you can always a keep track of, but sometimes even that can be a full-time job itself.

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If a member of staff has 7 jobs in 1 day. You need to make sure they are there on time, make sure the correct work is done in the right time frame, the job is signed off and then invoiced correctly. Then you have the extra headache of chasing the invoice payment later on.

E Works Manager does all of this for you…

All you do is enter the job details, and assign it to a member of staff.
The job is then sent to their APP.
They go out on site and do the job.
If they run over time you are alerted.
You can view where they are on a personal map at any point.
Add photos, expenses and any attachments for that job.
Once the job is done they get the client to sign off.
This is then sent back to the main system and all you need to do is authorise the job.

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Everything here is automated; this gives you a chance to get on with your more important tasks. The only time you will need to check on your staff is when you are alerted that there is a problem.

With our live panel you can view live updates as they happen.

E Works Manager can be integrated with any system, our in-house team are ready to answer any questions you may have ?