Business Management Software You can Trust

Using business management software can give an edge to your productivity and efficiency. From project management to sales systems and customer records, a company’s operations can be tailored and streamlined by a comprehensive digital management system.

Management software for comprehensive business operations

A leading management software system should have the ability to efficiently manage your whole business, using software that you can access anytime and from any location online. Some of the essential tasks and features this software should offer includes a CRM system, scheduling, invoicing, accounts package, job management and task organiser that interact and combine fluidly.

  • CRM system

    A CRM, or customer relationship management, feature helps you track all communication with all your customers, suppliers and users. With this feature you can store and access all your client-related data in one central place, including customer information, correspondence, history, feedback, jobs, invoices and notes.

  • Invoicing

    An invoice management system allows you to manage your customers, suppliers and your banking all in one digital location. As a full system that can integrate into SAGE, Xero and Quickbooks, you have no need for any other financial system to run your business. Invoice management offers more control for invoicing, such as creating invoices on the move, managing overdue invoices, customising invoices to reflect your brand, setting payment terms for individual customers, exporting invoices for accountants or bookkeepers, and generating comprehensive financial reports.

  • Accounts package

    Sales and accounts management is vital for a company to implement correctly. Financial management software offers more security and less risk of making mistakes, as well as providing a convenient, accessible and central method of managing accounts. Track your leads, market to your contacts, manage quotations, record your sales and store client account information securely with an accounts management package.

  • Scheduling

    Planning and scheduling can be a nuisance to handle manually. A digital scheduling system acts as a virtual whiteboard that helps you see all the jobs and tasks you have been booked in. You can group your staff into taskforces and organise your workforce more efficiently. With a scheduling system you can select a daily or weekly overview that helps you keep better track of all your jobs.

  • Job management

    With job scheduling comes job management. Project management software allows you to manage all your jobs and projects in one comprehensive planner. You can create projects for multiple staff working on a job, and delegate different teams or team members to specific tasks within a project. Invoicing can be linked to invoice for the whole project or individually. You can set parameters for projects to track expenses and resources more efficiently, and comprehensive management reports can be created to review project performance.

  • Task organiser

    Task management offers wider but more nucleic control than job management. While job management is designed for projects and composite jobs, a task management system allows you to create and track individual tasks, whether it is a specific task for a larger project or just a reminder for that office party next week. You can sort your tasks into general tasks, lead tasks or job specific tasks as appropriate for easier planning. Keep on top of all your work with task tracking and management.

Find the business management software solution that works for you

When it comes to management software for businesses, Eworks Manager has it all. From CRM to sales to project management, everything you need for the smooth running of your company is seamlessly integrated into one functioning system. Built with specialist SMEs in mind, the management system removes the need to manually enter the same data into different systems, saving time, effort and money. It can be implemented on any device with an internet browser, with the full system available for PC and Mac and a comprehensive app for mobile.

The convenience provided by Eworks Manager is not limited to the efficiency and functionality of the system itself. With absolutely no software to install, setting up and getting started is easy. All software and data is securely stored online in the UK, with the highest security measures available. Your database is backed up several times every day and the systems are safeguarded with the strongest firewalls, encryption and security protocols. Additionally, updates and maintenance is handled by Eworks Manager, removing the need to hire an IT professional to manage the system. All you need is your access password and a device with a web browser. Sign up today for a 14 day free trial to see how Eworks Manager can help your business thrive.

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