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Improve Your Customer and Supplier Relationships and Keep Track of All Interactions With One Software Solution

Manage all Customer and Supplier interactions with our all-in-one CRM tool.

CRM Software is a digital field service tool your business can use to manage emails and calls efficiently to improve communication with customers and suppliers. Our cloud-based system makes it easier to manage incoming emails, respond to messages, track calls, and set up reminders to follow up with customers and suppliers.

With our CRM System, you can assign your Outlook emails to Customers, Jobs, Quotes and Invoices and respond to them in Eworks Manager. All emails exported to our system can be found in our CRM section, and from here, you can log calls and create tasks to follow up on emails, calls or customer requests.

With effective CRM Management, you can streamline your communication process to ensure all interactions are quick and efficient, helping you get all the information and materials you need to complete jobs on time and keep customers and suppliers happy.

Discover the features of our CRM Software and how you can use our system to improve customer relationship management below.

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Import Emails With Our CRM and Outlook Integration

With our CRM and Outlook integration, you can export your customer and supplier emails from Outlook and attach them to Customers, Jobs, Invoices and Quotes in Eworks Manager. Our Outlook integration is easy to set up and use, making it the ideal solution if you receive multiple emails from clients and suppliers daily. Once emails have been attached to items, you can respond from the CRM System.

Record and Track Calls and Responses

Our CRM Software provides a central platform where you can record and track all calls and email responses. Your telephone calls with customers and suppliers can be logged under the CRM section, and you can log all interactions related to Customers, Jobs, Invoices and Quotes. Every time you log a call, you can record the customer's name, contact number, whether it was an incoming or outgoing call and the outcome. All email communication is stored on our CRM System, helping you keep track of your responses and crucial information from customers and suppliers.

Integrated with our Job Management Software

Because our CRM Software is integrated with our Job Management Software, you can manage all customer and supplier interactions and field service projects with one software tool. Instead of using multiple platforms to record and track communication and supervise your jobs and technicians, you can oversee all your operations in one place.

Monitor Tasks and Receive Notification Reminders

Our software makes it easier to follow up on emails, calls, requests and queries and other activities related to Customers, Jobs, Quotes and Invoices. With our CRM Tool, you or your field workers can create tasks with deadlines to make it easier to keep track of your to-do list. You can set a reminder for each task to ensure you get a notification before the job must be completed. Your notification reminder will include the reference code of the relevant Customer, Job, Invoice or Quote to help you keep track of your tasks.

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CRM Software FAQs

1What is CRM Software?

CRM Software is a cloud-based platform where you can manage all communications and interactions with customers and suppliers in one place. You can log emails and calls and set up reminders to respond to and follow up on messages. A CRM System streamlines communication to help you maintain and improve customer and supplier relationships.

2Why choose Eworks Manager CRM Software?

Our CRM Software is integrated with our Job Management Software, giving you one platform to manage customer and supplier communications and manage your jobs and technicians.

3Why is CRM Software so important?

Effectively managing all communication with customers and suppliers is crucial for the success of your business. Poor communication can result in your field workers waiting for materials or customer information, leading to delays. Delays and missed deadlines can impact customer relationships, resource availability and costs.

With CRM Software, you can avoid all that and improve communication by using one platform for all interactions with customers and suppliers. You can monitor emails and calls and set up reminders to ensure you follow up with customers and suppliers to get the information you need for projects.

Using our system ensures that all communication is quick and efficient and that no customer or supplier is left waiting for a response from your team. Good customer and supplier relationships can help you build a good reputation in the industry.

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