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Manage your leads, quotes, jobs and invoices effectively with Task Management Software

With our Task Management Software, you can create and schedule tasks to help you manage your workload, including your leads, quotes, jobs and invoices. You can create task types to help determine what you need to do to complete the tasks. For example, call back a customer, schedule a meeting or book a demo. If you have a task that needs to be done more than once, you can create recurring tasks, which our system will automatically create based on your recurrence pattern and how often you want the task to reoccur.

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Improve Lead Management with Tasks

Effective lead management is the key to successfully turning prospects into customers. With our Task Management Software, your technicians can create tasks for the leads assigned to remind them to follow up with potential customers on time.

Once an employee has been assigned a lead, they can create tasks with due dates for callbacks, demos or meetings to remind them to connect with the prospect or follow up with them. They can set up notifications to remind them to complete tasks before they're due, and they can set up the task to send them a reminder via email or SMS or on the system.

Streamline Quoting with our Task Management System

Creating, managing and following up on multiple quotes at a time can become overwhelming, and you can quickly lose track of the work that needs to be done for every quotation. Fortunately, you can create tasks to keep you on track and get quotes to clients swiftly.

With our Task Management Software, you can create tasks to remind you or your team to call the prospect back, follow up on their interest, or get back to them if they have questions. When creating a task, you can set a stand and end date, add notes and set a notification before the task is due. The reminder will include the quote reference, so you know which quotation the notification is related to.

Create Tasks to Keep Your Jobs On Track

You can create tasks with reminders to help you keep track of job progress and ensure jobs are completed on time. Whether you need to follow up on a job or need assistance from a colleague or supervisor, you can schedule a task, and you or your team member will receive a reminder. You can view the tasks scheduled for every job sheet on the system and see who is responsible for the task, when it's due, the task type, and if it's overdue.

Manage Invoices Effectively with Tasks

Waiting for approval for invoices can slow your invoicing process and delay customer payments. With our Task Management System, you can create tasks for your supervisors to remind them to approve invoices and get them to clients faster. Before the task is due, they'll receive a notification on the system. The reminder will have all the necessary information, including the customer, task type, due date and invoice reference number. You can create tasks for outstanding, overdue and draft invoices.

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Task Management Software FAQs

1What is Task Management Software?

Task Management Sofware is a digital tool that lets you schedule, track and complete tasks to help you manage leads, quotes, jobs and invoices effectively. You can view all tasks related to your leads, quotes, jobs and invoices via our Admin System or Mobile App, and all your data is stored on the cloud so you can access your tasks wherever and at any time.

2What is Task Management Software used for?

Your field service team can use Task Management Software to improve how they manage leads, quotes, jobs and invoices. Instead of relying on paper or memory to complete work required to follow up on leads, send a quote or invoice, or complete jobs, your workers can create tasks and set reminders to ensure they finish the work on time.

3Why is Task Management important?

While our Job Management Software helps you manage leads, jobs quotes and invoices, it can be challenging to stay on top of all your work without an efficient Task Management System.

Our Task Management System helps your team manage your workload efficiently, as they can create tasks related to the leads, jobs, quotes and invoices they're working on and set reminders to help them meet deadlines.

4Does Eworks Manager have a Task Management App?

We have a Mobile App which gives you access to all the tasks related to your leads, jobs, quotes and invoices. You can access our app from your mobile device to manage your tasks on-site.

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