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Field Service Management Software and the Plumbing Industry

Finding the best way to improve your company’s service can be difficult. Costly expenditures that have no effect can hurt your company’s profits. Huge changes to your service can also hurt your company if they are not appreciated by your customers. However, the right changes can lead to incredible results. With the right changes, improvements happen in both productivity and profit margins, something no company can say no to. In the Plumbing industry often the smallest change can have a huge effect on your company’s ability to compete. Our Field Service Management software can be that change for you; a way of improving your efficiency without costing too much. Eworks Manager effectively brings Field Service Management Software and the Plumbing Industry together in one system.

What exactly is Field Service Management software? Well, it’s a software that can be installed on computers, laptops and tablets. It helps your company share information in the field. It can also easily connect all your workers no matter where they are. When you put this technology into practice, it can profoundly change your company for the better.

Added Benefits of Field Service Management to the Plumbing Industry

Field Service Management software will help all your employees stay in contact at all times. A supervisor can furthermore log in and see all jobs that are currently active. He can also move them around, re-assign them and at all times keep in contact with your company’s most vital resource; its workers. Your company can only complete as many jobs as scheduled and carried out by your employees. With good quality Field Service Management software, you can optimise your workforce’s efficiency by staying in contact with them.  In the plumbing field, the flexibility and information that Field Service Management software gives, could lead to more jobs, better customer service and higher levels of efficiency.

Our software does not only improve employee communication but also efficiency. Using a cloud-based Field Service Management system means access to a customer’s history. It also allows you to keep documents such as invoices and payment systems. All of this is done electronically. The less time spent between charge and payment ultimately results in a higher rate of cash flow.

With the introduction of Field Service Management software, your plumbing company can increase in cash flow, employee efficiency and profit, making it a change you need to think about for the future. Eworks Manager: bringing Field Service Management Software and the Plumbing Industry together in one system