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Live Mobile Tracking - Employee Monitoring Software for efficient job planning and scheduling

Keep Track of All Your Field Workers with our Live Mobile Tracking

With Eworks Manager's Live Mobile Tracking solution, you can quickly locate and monitor your field operative's locations. You can furthermore access your mobile operative's locations at any time, from anywhere – ensuring that you are always up to date!

This feature tracks your operative's devices while out in the field. You can identify which site your workers are based at, and how long they spend on-site. You can also easily track who is the closest to any reactive jobs that may come in.

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Track, monitor and playback all your workers movements.
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Real-Time Reactive Planning & Automatic Updates

The live map within our Employee Monitoring Software enables you to see where your mobile operatives are at all times. This is especially useful for those urgent jobs which come in and need to be completed as soon as possible. With our Staff Monitoring Software providing a real-time location, you can quickly assign the nearest worker to any reactive jobs which arise. Automatic updates advise as to when your operatives' are on-route, on-site and when a job is completed, allowing you to update your customers along the way.

Switch Off Tracking After Hours

Our Employee Monitoring App allows you to track your employees at all times; however, tracking can be disabled after hours. This provides detailed tracking information during business hours and allows your staff the freedom they need when off duty.

Track Your Mobile Operatives' Jobs in Real-Time

The Admin System and Mobile App work seamlessly with each other. This means that every activity that takes place on the app is updated continuously, whether it be workers indicating that they are on-route, adding notes or photos, or when they receive the customers approval on the job sheet. The system automatically syncs all information between the Mobile App and Admin System in real-time.

Keep Track of Your Entire Business with Our Fully Integrated System

Our Live Mobile Tracking feature is not only efficient but also beneficial for your business. Because this feature is integrated into the rest of our job management software, you can easily manage your workforce and workload all within one system!

Our location map allows you to see if your workers are where they need to be. Whether they are late for an appointment, on-site or on-route, you are never left in the dark.

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Live Mobile Tracking FAQs

1What is Live Mobile Tracking?
Live Mobile Tracking makes use of GPS locations received by a user's GPS enabled device and provides the relative position on a live map. Eworks Manager has adopted this strategy to provide real-time location information within our system to allow for more effective and efficient planning purposes.
2How can Employee Monitoring Software benefit my business?
Employee Monitoring Software provides employers with a method in which they can track and capture workers job-related information. This software is typically used by businesses within the service or trades industries, looking to improve their efficiency in terms of job turnaround times.
3Why should I make use of Live Mobile Tracking?
Live Mobile Tracking can increase productivity with less calls to field workers and increase customer satisfaction with quicker response times. Knowing where your operatives are and where they have been can drastically improve your workflow and reduce fuel costs.

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