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Integrate Your Accounting Software Package

What would it mean to have your Accounting Package integrate with your Job Management System? More time on your hands? Minimised error? Improved structure?

There are many software systems out there to manage invoicing, payments and purchases, but not many that allow you to integrate an accounting software. When it comes to doing your research on the perfectly synchronised pair to manage your business, literally from start to end, integration is key, and Business Integration Software makes it’s possible.

Reduce System Stack

When you use a system that integrates with your accounting package you reduce the number of systems you use to manage your business. It allows your staff to work efficiently. It also allows you to reduce the amount you spend on multiple systems and the resources you need to run those systems which you will notice from the get-go.

Streamline and Structure

Integration – especially with your Job Management System and Accounting Package – introduces a streamline between functions of your business which in turn allows staff to follow a specific structure. For example, when a job is authorised and sent for invoicing your admin staff can immediately view the invoice that needs to be sent. Once synced to your Accounting Package, your staff that manage your accounts can quickly email the invoice to the customer. Once payment is made and captured in your accounting package, the status will sync back. This offers a step-by-step for your staff and lets them know which steps have been taken and which still need to take place.

Synchronise & Package your Accounting Software Information

Using multiple systems means that when new information is captured, such as a new supplier or customer, all systems need to be updated manually. The synchronicity that integration offers ensures that when new information is added, all systems are updated with the click of a button. That way the correct information is captured from the start, and that down the line staff are not scrambling to find the details they need.

Access Control

We all know what could happen if invoices and payments land up in the wrong hands, that’s why using a system that already offers access control means that only a select few have access to and can control what’s incoming and outgoing. Integration between your job management and accounts means that important documentation can be passed over in such a way that every movement is tracked, therefore you know who worked on it last. This will minimise loss and error and make sure invoicing, purchases and credits are done right the first time.

Eworks Managers Business Integration Software ensures a seamless business process from start to finish. Our integration with leading accounting software packages – Sage, Xero, and Quickbooks -will allow you to sync:

  • Accounts
  • Tax rates
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Credit notes
This means that from the time invoices, purchase order or credit notes are synced to your accounting package from Eworks, there is no need to manually update the status of each. Payments and records can be easily tracked and managed in an all in one system.

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