Latest software updates

Eworks Manager has made a few software updates on our Job Management Software.

The App and the System have been created to make things easier for you.

At Eworks Manager we have one goal. To provide world-class service, making our customer’s business a thriving success! Customer satisfaction and having the best possible Job Management Software on the market is extremely important to every single employee at Eworks Manager. Which is why our software updates are done to make life easier for our clients.

Here are some of our latest software updates –

The App

We have changed the way in which the signatures are submitted for jobs. People around the country have been commenting when they have poor data connection. We now only submit when on a 3g/4g or wifi connection. This helps stop performance issues and any data loss.

The System

Customer login – Your customers can login and view there jobs. They can also submit or schedule a job for you to process.

Live panel has been updated for you to view all your workforce on one page and monitor there status

Modifications to our search features and new reports have been produced

Simplified our authorisation section for users who don’t want to track user costs

Coming next month

HR section for your workforce and sub contractors

Site specific attachments which will automatically be attached to jobs for field workers to view

Message centre to help communicate more efficiently

See you soon – any questions give us a call

EWM Admin

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