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Best Uses for Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking

Businesses are still using systems with features that don’t offer a platform to reach or surpass their operational potential. Of course, businesses can use existing systems in order to keep doing what they have been doing but these methods do not and will not make you more efficient or promote best practices by your staff to maintain growth. Implementing new and improved ways to manage and monitor staff out in the field is essential in making the most out of each working day. Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking are two of the main resources to help you do just that.

Both methods of employee tracking offer exceptional benefits. Not specifically for business owners to keep an eye on staff but most importantly, it increases overall productivity. Below are a few of the Best Uses for Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking;

Mobile Tracking

  • Save on Fuel Costs by Assigning the Closest Worker
  • To Keep Office Staff Informed
  • Employee Monitoring During Office Hours
  • Real Time and Visual Activity
  • No Additional Devices Required
  • Portable

Vehicle Tracking

  • Monitor Journeys to Save on Fuel
  • Assigning a Worker to a Job on a Similar Route
  • Comprehensive Reporting on Driver Behaviour
  • Real Time / 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring During Office Hours


Integrated into a Job Management Software like Eworks Manager will ensure that internal and external processes are kept managed and monitored. Both Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking offer considerably similar benefits but depending on your requirements, each has different functionality and outcome. Whether you want to keep track of field workers with the mobile App or see various reports on worker driving behaviour, especially if company vehicles are used.


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